Turkmenistan citizens celebrate the Harvest Holiday

Photo: Mered Roziyev

On occasion of remarkable events, honouring of the masters of high crops productivity, various mass and sport actions, topical conferences and exhibition were organized and celebration tables were set in Ashgabat and the regions.

The main events were held at the square of Ashgabat Equestrian Complex where the heroes of the Holiday – farmers, machine operators, scientists agronomists, selectionists and other specialists of agricultural complex, who made deserving contribution to the development of national agriculture, were honoured.

In the morning, members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of branch ministries and departments, non-governmental organizations, mass media, students, numerous citizens and guests of the capital gathered in front of the central entrance of the complex.

Art bands prepared bright music and dance composition.

The participants of the event visited open exhibition of the achievements of agriculture and processing industry of the country. All departments of agricultural complex of the country expanded their expositions. The production of cotton and crop growing industries, livestock breeding, food and textile industries, models of modern agricultural equipment raised keen interest of the guests.

The cotton is undoubtedly one of the most important plants grown in Turkmenistan. The seeds of its best breeds were also widely represented at the exhibition. Samples of medium and fine fibre cotton were demonstrated there. Fibre cotton is a raw material not only for dozens of modern enterprises of dynamically developing textile industry but also for food products including cotton oil that is especially valued by its nutrition composition, cotton honey that has medicinal features of good antioxidant.

One can imagine of rich gene pool of the most important agricultural crops, potential of national seed breeding and familiarize with the samples of perspective species that are the result of laborious work of Turkmen selectionists and that recommended themselves in local soil and climate conditions.

The exposition was decorated with the displays with the seeds of famous cucurbitaceous crops like melons Wharaman, Garrygyz, Gyzylgulyaby, watermelons Jeyhun, Serdar, Dishim, pumpkins Palov Kyadi, Dash Kyadi, Duvdybisher. Broad choice of the seeds of vegetables and fruits including carrot, beetroot, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, apples and other was presented.

The stands of the velayats of the country demonstrated different types of agricultural production, traditional bread freshly baked in tandyr, mouth-watering pishme. National dishes, which cooking traditions are carefully passed down from generation to generation, were presented to the attention of the participants and the guests of the exhibition.

Art and sculptural works dedicated to the work of farmers were presented at the exposition. Young artists made their sketches right on the spot. Special colours to the event were given by national Turkmen yurts, near which the bakhshys demonstrated their virtuose skills of playing the dutar and performance of national songs. One could see there how the wool is weaved, make felt and carpets. Next to it, there were the works of outstanding carpet and jewellery arts of Turkmens and the embroideries. National sport games, fights of the wrestlers, plumes of smoke coming up the sky from cooking cauldron attached special colour to the event.

The sportsmen demonstrated their skills in acrobatics, fencing, boxing, karate on one side of the road leading to equestrian complex. There where pop singers and art bands from the velayats and the capital on the stage.

The Harvest Holiday traditionally ends up agricultural year and work of the farmers and symbolize the fertility of Turkmen land and abundance of the granaries. Turkmenistan is a country is ancient and rich agricultural culture and today, the traditions of rational care of the land acquire new life – the farmers use the most advanced technologies together with the experience of the ancestors.

Official part of the holiday was continued at special stage in front of the building of the capital equestrian complex.

The participants listened with special attention the address of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the farmers, masters of harvests and all compatriots. In his message, Turkmen leader highlighted that fundamental reformation of the agriculture and weighted decisions are aimed at the provision of food abundance and expansion of the export volumes of quality production.

The address of the Head of the State was met with the storm of applauses.

On behalf of the personnel of agricultural complex, the President of Turkmenistan received beautiful ahalteke horse leading his pedigree from the famous ancestors as a gift.

After, the award ceremony of the foremost personnel of agriculture who arrived in the capital from all the regions of the country took place. The best farmers, scientists and machine operators received valuable gifts on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan.

The Harvest Holiday in the capital equestrian complex was continued by traditional horse races. The best racers received valuable gifts.

The concert of the art masters was the crown of the event.