Turkmen football players enter final part of 2019 Asian Cup

Another team out of 24 to participate in Asian Football Cup was defined in the match between Turkmenistan and Chinese Taipei in Balkanabat on November 14. This is Turkmenistan team!

On the threshold of the last but one game in the contest for final part of 2019 Asian Cup, which is to be held in United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan team shared the first and second places with Bahrain team leading current opposing team for one point. To guarantee the place in the 17th Asian Cup, Turkmenistan team had to win.

The opposing team falling behind by total points tried to take the initiative from the beginning and, having scored fast goal, to provide the reserves for themselves. However, the attacks of starting pressure were successfully repelled by Turkmenistan team every time and the game moved to other side of the field. The result did not make to wait for.

On 22nd minute, Murad Yagshiyev brought Turkmenistan team forward. It was good stimulus for further pressing across the field and on the goals of the opposing team. having made few other fast attacks, our team increased the score owing to the goal of Altynmurad Annadurdiyev on 40th minute. By the way, both players who hit the goals of Taipei goalkeeper, are from the capital club Altyn Asyr.

In the second half, our team continued attacking but by the middle of the half, the opposing team understanding that the loss takes all chances to get to the main Asian tournament out maximum efforts to hit the goals of Turkmenistan team. to the honour of our players, the defence skilfully managed the pressing throughout the game, however, in the end of the match, when the timer counted last seconds till the end, the opposing team won the penalty, which was realized by Chen Po Liyang. However, Turkmenistan team did not allow to do anything else to the competitors. The victory of our team with 2:1 score and qualification of the final part of 2019 Asian Cup are the results of the match.