Uzbek photo artists introduced Ashgabat residents to polyphony of traditions of their homeland

Photo: Valeriy Arshavskiy

The Days of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, held in Turkmenistan, vividly presented the variety of the musical and song traditions of the friendly people, customs and spirituality, history and modern trends in the development of such arts as decorative, graphic, cinema.

To make a visual journey along the sunny and hospitable edge gave the possibility of a diverse photoexposition. Uzbek photo artists Rustam Sharipov, Abulani Jumaev, Rustam Shagaev, Vladimir Goncharenko and others acquainted with the history and rhythm of modern achievements, the palette of emotions, the color of traditions, the unique nature and the country's main wealth - different ages people and professions, open and hospitable, hardworking and creatively gifted, united by love for the fatherland and multiplying its achievements.

The photo "Eastern Beauty", on which a young woman in a bright national headdress is depicted, literally captivated the audience with her freshness, sparkling positive, kindness and charm.

The remarkable work "Yashuli" became an adornment of the exhibition. Yashuli against the backdrop of a blossoming garden is not only interesting, colorful, but also symbolic. The garden is the brainchild of his untiring hands, patience, and knowledge. That is why a kind grandfather from the photo even radiates generous hospitality with his gaze, as if offering to taste the wonderful fruits he has grown.

Another work "Spring", where the artist captures a happy moment from the life of three teenagers, happily enjoying themselves in the park under the picturesquely dangling branches of a willow tree. The author focuses on the perception of the audience on the association with the spring shoots of trees, which will have to be filled with life-giving force and strengthened, as well as the cultural ties of the two fraternal peoples united by a historical community.