The country preserved the necessary volume of fodder for farm animals

State-owned livestock farms in the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the country preserved the planned volume of fodder for winter for farm animals. The plan amount is 90321 tons of various types of fodder. For today, almost 92 thousand tons have been collected, which is 102 percent of the plan's fulfillment.

In Turkmenistan, the harvest season lasts most of the year, beginning in April and till late autumn. In Mary and Lebap regions gather the spring harvest of hayfields, where it mainly concentrated and after the heat recession is vegetating in the autumn grassy plants. In the planned volume are included in addition to the norms of the cut of natural pasture grasses and so-called coarse stalked forages, such as camel thorns, reeds and others, fodder crops grown on specially allocated irrigated lands, including as intermediate crops.

The fodder ration of the state animals are grains - barley, oats. In many livestock farms where areas and water availability allow is practiced winter sowing, the seeds of which are often mixed with legumes to increase the nutrition of the resulting mixture.

Good feeding increase was given by natural haymaking pastures this year: more than 39 thousand tons of natural grasses (more than 124%) were collected. Camel thorns are harvested from spring and to the first frosts; its reserves are unlimited. This year, Yandak harvested 37 thousand 400 tons. The harvest plan includes collecting straw after harvesting wheat. Some of the collected herbs remain in place "on demand", the main bulk is transported to procuring points. Livestock breeders also prepare feed mixtures from crushed alfalfa and corn - hay and silage.