Agro-industrial complex of the country prepares for the new agricultural season

The techical infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex of the country has conducted the active preparatory work for the new agricultural season. The equipment produced by the world leading agricultural manufacturers is being delivered and the machine and tractor, earth-moving machinery fleet is being replenished. Thus, the government creates all necessary conditions to bring the national agro-industrial complex up to a new technological level and to ensure the efficient economic management.

According to the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry concluded the contracts for the delivery of the state-of-the-art John Deere and Claas agricultural equipment, spare parts and consumables as well as ploughs, seeding machines and other accessories to Turkmenistan in 2017-2020. All model types were tested for the compliance with the local soil and climatic conditions. The first consignment of the agricultural equipment was delivered to Turkmenistan in summer. It proved itself during the winter grain crops and cotton harvesting campaigns.

150 John Deere W540 combine harvesters, 200 John Deere 9970 cotton harvesting machines, 400 John Deere 8245R tractors, 400 John Deere 3810 one-way ploughs have been delivered to Turkmenistan to date.

Hundreds units of agricultural equipment were ordered at the German company Claas. 410 arable tractors of two brands - Axos 340HC and Axion-850, 500 Gaspardo SL 360 grain seeders, as well as 196 Tucano-430 combine harvesters and 200 Lemken EurOpal 95 N100 plows have arrived in our country to date. This year, Turkmenistan also purchased 500 modernized cotton harvesters MX-1.8 in Uzbekistan.