Students of schools are preparing for the region tours of the annual subject Olympiad

The subject Olympiad continues. At the Olympiad, participate the students of 9-11 forms of secondary general and specialized schools. Intellectual competitions traditionally are conducted in several stages. The start was given at the end of December 2017.

On January 10-11, the leaders of school tours will compete at the level of regions, after which begins preparation for the next stage. It will be organized in February in the capital and velayat centers. In March will be conducted the final, state round of the Olympiad, which will determine the most erudite and motivated Turkmen schoolchildren.

The Olympiad is held in ten disciplinary areas: physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, Turkmen, English and Russian languages, history and geography.

The knowledge of high school students at each stage is evaluated by special commissions, which include authoritative teachers. According to the mentors' of the students, thanks to the reform of the educational sphere, the active introduction of pedagogical innovations and multimedia technologies into the educational process is increasing the level of knowledge of schoolchildren. Their horizons are expanding, and accordingly is growing the degree of competition of children in the subject rounds of the Olympiad.

Winners of state and international subject Olympiads take advantage of admission to higher and secondary special educational institutions.

During meetings, which started on January 5 are discussed key areas of work to stimulate the intellectual and creative growth of schoolchildren, the implementation of the concept of improving the teaching of foreign languages, the introduction of modern techniques of educators. It is traditionally organized in all regions and in the capital.