The range of LED lamps produced in the country will be expanded in 2018

The business entity "Aydin gijeler" presented samples of LED lamps. The production of lamps begins in the coming year. The new products are flat ceiling lamps of two types: 60x60 size and 96 and 48 watts, 40x40 size, 96 and 48 watts.

The business entity “Aydin gidzheler”, created with the assistance of the “Turkmenmashinstroy” Concern, the Ministry of Industry and the individual enterprise "Teze zaman gurlyshikchi" of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan mastered the production of LED lamps for household and industrial premises during 2017, also expanded their product range. From the assembly line came two million products - lamps with a power from 3,5,6,9,12,18, 24 watts, which corresponds to a range of incandescent lamps from 40 to 240 watts.

LED-lamps produced at the enterprise are specially designed for LED lighting source, which is exported from China. All parts of the product, except the board, are manufactured at the enterprise from local raw materials - polypropylene, produced at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. Due to the use of local raw materials, the cost of domestic lamps is lower than foreign analogues.

The LED products of the Ashgabat enterprise can completely replace incandescent lamps at home. LED lamps are one of the most highly efficient and environmentally friendly light sources. Their advantage is low power consumption, long service life, easy installation, small size.

This year, entrepreneurs plan to produce 3.5 million items. The enterprise created about a hundred working places, installed eleven forming machines. The body and the bulb of the lamp are made at forming machines, also is conducted the assembly, testing and packing of products. In the near future in the shop will be installed additional equipment for new types of products. The production of laptops and tablets is in the plans of entrepreneurs.