Analysts of the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna actively participate in the implementation of environmental programs

The department of scientific and technical information and projects functions more than a year in the structure of the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna (NIDFF) of the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources. Specialists of the new department are engaged in analyzing the world experience in various areas of ecosystem conservation and rational use of natural resources. Among the priority tasks of their activity is scientific support of measures for afforestation of Karakum pastures and landscaping of foothill valleys and foothills of Kopetdag.

The head of the department, Nura Atamuradov noted, the new department of the Institute is called upon to provide advice in greening and planting, in implementing joint environmental projects, and on the aspects of implementation the world experience of environmental management into national environmental practice.

The illustrated manual for forestry workers and gardeners is being prepared for publication. Analysts of the new structure take an active part in the preparation and holding of environmental forums and actions. Among the tasks for the future is to promote the scientific and practical work of the Institute in the field of climate change and combating desertification.