The production of export-oriented iodine-bromine products is growing in the Balkan region

In the Program of Social and Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2018-2024, special attention is paid to the creation of new capacities for the production of export-oriented and import-substituting products, which will be produced from local natural and including chemical resources. Iodine and bromine play an important role in this, rich reservoirs of which contain "Gujular" and "Boyadag" deposits in the Balkan region.

Industrial development of these raw materials makes possible the production of various types of products that are in demand on the world market. It is planned to build new facilities on the basis of the Balkanabat iodine and Hazar chemical plants, as a result of which the annual capacity of the first will be 250 tons of iodine, 2,400 tons of bromine, and the second - 300 tons of iodine, 4,500 tons of bromine.

The enterprise of iodine production of the “Turkmendermansenagat” association of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, located Bereket city is engaged in the release of goods in demand at home and abroad. Its design capacity is 250 million pieces of iodine sticks, 50 million iodine pencils, 500,000 dental tampons a year.

The assortment is constantly expanding: currently it forms 11 types of high quality, environmentally friendly and competitive products. The use of the same in the production of local raw materials significantly reduces its cost.

The water treatment facility of the plant and production facilities are fitted with modern equipment. Powerful pumps and compressors of Italian production clean 500 liters of water per hour, which is stored in a sealed tank with a capacity of three thousand liters, from where it comes for production needs.

In the workshop of iodine sticks, the iodine solution is filtered, purified of impurities, after which chemical analysis is performed in the laboratory. Then the products meeting the requirements of international standards are sent on the conveyor to the packing department.

The same technological process takes place in the shop for the production of iodine pencils. In another operates the most modern instrumentation, automatic control systems and computer technology.

It’s started, the production of 1% povidone-iodine solution at the end of 2017, which is widely in demand by domestic clinics and abroad. The range of the company is constantly expanding. Today the employees are preparing to launch a few more new products.