Ashgabat meet of the works of Applied and Decorative Arts of Iran

Photo: Yuriy SHKURIN

In the Museum of Fine Arts, within the framework of the Days of Iranian Culture was opened an exhibition of Applied and Decorative Arts of Iranian masters, which aroused great interest of Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital. Stylistically, the exposition, organized by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, resembled a bright and distinctive oriental bazaar.

One of the sections of the exhibition introduced the male and female costumes of the peoples living in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Altogether about 60 ethnic groups live there, the Ashgabat residents got acquainted with traditional clothes of 14. In general, these are wedding dresses, which are still widely used by Iranian brides. It is noteworthy that ethnic Turkmen living in Iran, unchanged, retained their traditional clothes.

In large cities of Iran, such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Abadan and others, exist workshops of artists and artisans creating surprisingly beautiful objects - dishes, lamps, jewelry, paintings and much more. Pottery artist Mojtaba Eddi introduced not only light and thin ceramic products, but also gave a master class to volunteers try themselves as potters. Modjaba to do this sat for a single potter's wheel, for the other - the visitor of the exhibition, and the process of creating a clay pot started.

Afi Vedzdani is the artist on wood - the author of such delightful works, as the heads of horses from wooden flyers. Vedzhdani practicing the "saw blade" for 24 years already and has a jigsaw for making amazing patterns. Collected from different varieties of wood, small details in his talented hands turn into lace, painted in harmonious colors. Afi admired his skill and openness. In memory of his acquaintance, he gave the wooden birds he had made-symbols of happiness.

In the technique, the artist Gulbakar Hayaty, whose portraits, landscapes, creates decoupage, easel works attracted great interest of visitors. On a small table with a dish of pieces of colorful fabrics, Gulbahar showed the visitors the process of creating their own works. Each of her paintings consists of about 50 thousand pieces of fabric. And in order for this laborious work to become durable, the artist uses along with glue, starch and another 2-3 chemical elements. What exactly is the professional secret of Gulbahar.

The plot "The Hunting Scenario to Gazelle" makes big impression, conveying the expression of the decisive moment of confrontation between the rider and his victim. Black velvet background, bright flowers and birds, made in carpet technique, enhance the drama of the plot and its emotional perception. Sensation of spring bliss gives work "Bouquet of flowers".

Iranian jewelers - masters of filigree embossing and carving on silver - presented lace vases, coasters, candlesticks and lamps. No less admiration was caused by highly artistic samples of glazed ceramics and wallies collection, which attracted a lot of attention of the fair.

Exhibition of works of folk-applied creativity was accompanied by a performance of a children's dance group and a video about the sights of Iran.