Exhibition to Mark Diplomatic Workers Day

Exhibition to Mark Diplomatic Workers Day

The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan is currently hosting a travelling exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts to celebrate Diplomatic Workers Day observed in our country on February 18.

The exhibition showcases paintings by renowned Turkmen artists, who have left an indelible mark on Turkmen art, as well as by talented contemporary artists.

In her welcome address to the first visitors, Pro-Rector for Education at the Institute Gulshat Yusupova noted that it is very important for would-be experts on international affairs to understand and appreciate our country’s painting because when serving as diplomats in foreign countries, they will have to visit regularly art exhibitions, which are an essential part of any national culture.  

The travelling exhibition opens with a painting by the luminary of the national school of painting – People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Aikhan Khajiev, devoted to builders of the Karakum Canal. The work brings two themes to the fore: the building of the grandiose canal in the desert and the extraordinary feat of its builders. Noteworthily, people occupy the foreground of the painting. A young woman gives lunch to a young man in a modest and bashful manner as long-held traditions prescribe. The man, sitting in a cozy yurt next to the young beauty, is deep in his thoughts visualizing himself at his worksite scorched by the hot Turkmen sun. The desert area is seen through the open door and the builders stand firm and are determined not to give up their enormous efforts to transform the desert. Man set the goal and eventually accomplished it in spite of everything.  

The painting set a heroic tone for the event.  

– We have selected paintings for the travelling exhibition from the Museum’s collection devoted to the Year designated as “Turkmenistan: The Land of Peace and Trust”, a Museum of Fine Arts representative Jennet Seyitniyazova said. At the core of the exhibition is the Turkmen nation’s peaceful and creative life, guided by traditional spiritual values. Our aim is to congratulate future diplomats on their professional day and to call for actions aligned with this year’s theme.  

Not only is the dutar a Turkmen national musical instrument, it is the nation’s soul. The exhibition features two paintings depicting the instrument by accomplished People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Evgenia Adamova: “A Talk about the Dutar” and “In a Native Land”. 

A painting “Bagshy” by Rakhman Umarov, a talented contemporary artist, portrays People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Lyale Beknazarova. For those who are not well aware, the word “bagshy” is associated with a yashuly (old man) with gray hair and a beard in a white sheepskin hat. But the painting shows a graceful woman playing the dutar and captivating music lovers with her singing. 

On display are two paintings by Khezret Rejepov. One of them, “Cotton Pickers”, depicts women picking snow-white cotton quickly and skillfully, while being engaged in a lively conversation. The white and green cotton field blends harmoniously with the Turkmen women’s dresses of a variety of colors reminiscent of a colorful bouquet of flowers. 

The artist’s other painting “Hunters” features two experienced hunters talking animatedly.  With falconry now turned from the necessity into a pastime, this exciting adventure has lost none of its charm and appeal. We see two happy men indulged in their favorite hobby in Khezret Rejepov’s painting. 

In the heart of the exhibition are six ornamental plates created by amateur artist Gulya Kurbanova. They are a big draw for the visitors.  

Looking at the paintings very carefully and trying to keep in mind the names of the artists whose works they liked most, students of the Institute of International Relations truly enjoyed the beauty of the art. 

The travelling exhibition was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.


Photo: Suleyman CHARYEV