The prize of the President of Turkmenistan is awarded to the best district of the country

The prize of the President of Turkmenistan is awarded to the best district of the country

On February 17, the award ceremony of won prize to the amount of 1 million US dollars to S. A. Niyazov district, which was a winner of the best district of the country contest in 2020, has been held in Bagtyýar zaman village, Dashoguz Region. 

The celebrations were attended by the heads of the National Center of Trade Unions, the regional and district administrations, representatives of public organizations, tenants, best employees of various spheres and honored elders.

The results of the contest for the best district in the country were announced at the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers held on February 12. After reviewing the presented information, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has signed the Order on awarding a monetary prize to the administration of the S.A. Niyazov district, Dashoguz Region.

According to the rules of the annually held contest, its winner is determined by such indicators as successful implementation of social and economic development programs, fulfillment of contractual obligations for production of grain, cotton and other agricultural products, commissioning of social facilities as well as solution of labor issues, organization of cultural leisure and involvement of the population to physical culture and sports.

During the celebration, which took place in the Cultural Center, the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the working people and all residents of S.A. Niyazov district has been read out. The message of the head of state emphasized the importance of objectives for provision of industrial development of the Motherland and improvement of the standards of living of people.


Sincere gratitude was expressed during the ceremony on behalf of all residents of the district to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for his tireless concern for improvement of the well-being of the people, for the enormous attention paid to strengthening of the economic power of Turkmenistan, for the formation of a modern social and economic infrastructure in the regions.

New life comes to all parts of the Motherland, which are literally transformed in front of our eyes. S.A. Niyazov district, which is one of the largest agricultural centers in the northern region, is a bright example of it. Last year, over 41.5 thousand tons of raw cotton, about 32 thousand tons of wheat were produced in this place, significant harvests of potatoes and other vegetables were collected.

This year, 21 thousand hectares were allocated for cotton and 16 thousand hectares for winter crops. Other crops will also be grown. Workers of the district, who are famous for their agricultural skills, are actively developing gardening and livestock farming. The Agricultural Joint Stock Company named after Sadulla Rozmetov is known for its successes far beyond the region.

Modern secondary schools and kindergartens, stadiums and sports schools, houses of culture, healthcare institutions have been opened in the district, many kilometers of roads, power grids, and water pipelines have been built and reconstructed as a part of the implementation of the National Rural Program. New village, Bagtyýar zaman, has been built with a developed infrastructure, as close as possible to urban conditions in terms of living comfort, on the territory of the Jumaniyaz Khudaybergenov territorial division.

Private structures play a significant role in the economy of the district. Thus, representatives of the business community have built greenhouses, some of which are now exporting their products. There is a large livestock complex here, designed for the breeding of 500 pedigree cattle and the production of a wide range of meat and dairy products. The entrepreneurs build poultry farms, breed fish in ponds and erect the first in the region private warehouse for storage of agricultural production.

The participants of the award ceremony have congratulated the residents of the district on well-deserved high title of the winner of the contest noting that this award would inspire them to achieve new labor victories.

The participants have written a letter of gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in which they expressed their deep gratitude to the leader of the nation for high appraisal of their contribution to the dynamic social and economic development of Turkmen state, assuring that they will continue to work selflessly for the prosperity of the Motherland and enhancement of its power and glory.

Further, the celebration has moved to the square in front of the buildings of the rural administration and Cultural Center, where colorful stands and panels, white Turkmen yurts "ak öýi" were installed.

The participants of the celebration have looked around the exhibition demonstrating the works of Turkmen artists - painters and sculptors, products of folk crafts, with great interest. Along with this, production of the agricultural industrial complex has been presented.

The performances of the art bands of Dashoguz Region have added bright colors. Inspirational melodies and songs were played, dance compositions dedicated to the leader of the nation - Arkadag and beloved Motherland, which move forward along the way of prosperity under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”, have been presented.

A celebration meeting on occasion of significant event and a festive concert have also been held in the administration of the Dashoguz Region.