Paintings by Kossek

Paintings by Kossek

Just a quick glance at paintings by our fellow countryman, Mary-based artist Kosekmurad Nurmuradov, could give people in now cold and snow-covered Moscow a great burst of energy. This idea was suggested by Mikhail Pereplesnin, a journalist and fine art expert, who had authored an article about the Turkmen artist that appeared in the Russian magazine “Forum Plus” in January. Works by the Merited Art Worker of Turkmenistan, have long been familiar to Moscow art enthusiasts.

His first solo exhibition was held in the Russian capital back in 1982. His last exhibition was at Zurab Tsereteli’s Art Gallery in the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow about three years ago. “The exhibition presented sophisticated art lovers the artist”, M. Pereplesnin, who attended the event, recollects in his article, “who has evolved a new style in Turkmen painting – fantasy scenes from folk life that feature both realistic portrayals and interpretations of folk stories and legends alike.”

After becoming acquainted with the Turkmen painter’s unique works unlike anything seen before, the acknowledged master sculptor and painter Zurab Tsereteli, who presented him with an award and a letter of gratitude from the Academy, said to him quietly: “It is a good thing that you have not got stuck in classicism”. Those words of recognition reassured Kosekmurad that the genre he had chosen when he was still a young artist, is easily understandable and accessible to the public and occupies a distinctive niche in art.

Executed in bright and rich colors, paintings by Kosekmurad Nurmuradov, where exquisite Oriental miniatures are found side by side with elements of primitivism, have long been true gems of private art collections and some art galleries in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. And yet, being recongnized and acclaimed in his native country is what matters most to the artist, who participates in every single art exhibition in the city of Mary. Kosekmurad Nurmuradov’s works are also exhibited in the capital’s exhibition venues. It is true to say that a brief glance at the Mary-based artist’s paintings signed simply ‘Kossek’, fill the viewer with warmth and light.

Vladimir FROLOV

Photo: Vladimir FROLOV