Last opponent of Altyn Asyr in Group Tournament of 2021 AFC Cup is determined

Last opponent of Altyn Asyr in Group Tournament of 2021 AFC Cup is determined

Tajik Hujant, Kyrgyz Alay and Uzbek Nafas will be the opponents of Turkmen Altyn Asyr in the Group tournament of the AFC Cup, which will be held in Dushanbe on May 14 – 20.

These teams form up E Group which last team was determined by the results of the playoff match of the 2021 AFC Champions League between Qatari Al Gharaffa and Uzbek AGMK in Doha. The result of this game had to define which Uzbek team – AGMK or Nasaf, would be qualified for the vacancy in F Group of 2021 AFC Cup.

Loss of AGMK left the right to the club to play at the lower rank tournament - the AFC Cup. In case of winning, the bronze winner of Uzbekistan Super League would continue playing in more prestige AFC Champions League and its place in the AFC Cup would be taken by Nasaf from Karshi, Uzbekistan.

Having scored the only goal on the last minute of additional time of the match, AGMK won Qatari Al Gharaffa 1 – 0 and was qualified to the group tournament of the AFC Champions League. After this, the right to represent Uzbekistan in the second important Asian club tournament went to Nasaf, which has already won the AFC Cup in 2011.

Altyn Asyr will have its first match of the group tournament of 2021 AFC Cup against Tajik Hujant on May14. Current champion and winner of Turkmenistan Cup will play against Kyrgyz Alay on May 17 and against Uzbek Nazaf on May 20.

Regarding the vice-champion of Turkmenistan, Ahal, it will play against Tajik Rovshan in 2021 AFC Cup on May 14 and Kyrgyz Dordoy on May 17 in E Group, which matches will be held in Bishkek.

The winners of E and F Groups of the Central Zone in 2021 AFC Cup will play in zonal fina, which matches will be held on August 11 and 25.

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