Forum of producers and entrepreneurs: Investments, import substitution and digitization

Forum of producers and entrepreneurs: Investments, import substitution and digitization

Investment forum with participation of Turkmen producers and entrepreneurs as well as specialists of transport and communication complex of the country has started in the building of the Türkmendemirýollary Agency.

The goal of the event is to establish active dialog between profile ministries and departments as well as potential customers of transport services, to develop the government and private sector, to open new facilities for import substitutive production by attraction of investments of entrepreneurs of the country who are engaged in transport and communication sphere.

During the forum, specialists of transport and communication complex presented information about types and number of spare parts and materials as well as provision of transport services. It was informed that the country has all necessary equipment for production of spare parts. However, major part of materials, which are required for production needs of facilities of this sphere, as well as spare parts for maintenance works are imported.

In this context, proposals on own production of spare parts of locomotives, cargo and passenger railway carts, railroads and other have been reviewed. It was noted the measures are undertaken for strengthening of equipment and facility bae of all structures of the Türkmendemirýollary Agency, improvement of qualification of personnel and introcution of innovative work methods.

In addition, construction and modernization of warehouse facilities located on railroads, installation of cart scales on sites, service of locomotives’ motors as well as attraction of investments for assembly of new carts, procurement of cargo containers and other have been discussed.

It was highlighted that need of opening of new import substitutive production facilities grows taking into account new Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran, Akina – Andhoy and Turgundy – Herat railroads, railroad and motor bridge across Amudarya River, super modern airports in Ashgabat, Turkmenbashy and other cities.

Thus, specialists of Türkmendemirýollary, Türkmenawtoulaglary, Türkmenhowaýollary, Türkmendeňizderýaýollary made presentations on the following subjects: provision of modern services to passengers, modernization and provision of internet in passenger railway carts, opening of own production facilities making spare parts and materials for relative structures and other.

In particular, the focus was made on operational condition of air and marine equipment, provision of internet to passengers as well as on activity of Balkan Shipyard Open Joint Stock Venture and opportunity to fabricate cargo containers.

Information about digitization of services between consignors and consignees of goods has been accepted with big interest. In particular, proposal on development of new local application similar to Uber Freight program for provision of electronic services has been reviewed. It was also proposed to open transport facility in Ahal Region for realization taxi service project.

Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency has presented its developments including in import substitutive sphere. The participants have exchanged the views on opportunity to make sim cards, batteries and cables required in communication system.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Photo by Mered ROZIYEV


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