Sowing of cotton is completed in Mary Region

Sowing of cotton is completed in Mary Region

Sowing of strategic agricultural crop has been accomplished in the southern region of the country. The farmers has performed current sowing campaign in the best agricultural periods. The seeds were placed in the soil in almost 180,000 hectares.

The cotton shoots have already appeared on half of the fields. Cultivators have replaced planting machines in the fields. About 250 units work these days in the fields. The number of equipment will be increased two times by the growing of the cotton.

Dry spring hurries the farmer to cut the slots in the fields to moisturize the soil. Personnel of Marysuwhojalyk Production Association have prepared to vegetative irrigation of the cotton. They have cleaned around 1,300 km of irrigation channels for the current season. It guarantees the irrigation taking into account throughput capacity of the channels and water distribution standards.

Valdimir FROLOV

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