Flow of grain to the bins of the Motherland

Flow of grain to the bins of the Motherland

Massive harvesting of food wheat is started in the fields of Mary region. More and more grain harvesting complexes join harvesting campaign. There will be 507 complexes altogether by number of harvesters used in the campaign. Specialists have determined that each of them have to harvest around 350 hectares, which meet standards of modern units from the world producers of agricultural equipment. Good technical production and reliable maintenance base provide high rates of the campaign. Dry and hot weather in the region also hurries grain producers to collect the harvest as soon as possible.

“In order to accelerate delivery of grain from the fields, we have put reception facilities as close and possible to big fields under wheat”, head of production department of Marygalla Production Association Maksat Kerimov says. “Before the campaign, we have signed contracts both with government and private transport organizations for use of more than 2.5 thousand vehicles. All necessary offloading equipment has been prepared not to delay the vehicles at the reception facilities. The laboratories are provided with new equipment for testing of grain quality and computers, while weighing facilities have been checked by the State Standard Service. It will take less than half an hour to offload the vehicle, make laboratory analysis, to register received grain and issue document to deliverer about quality, quantity and price indicators. The schedule of grain reception is built taking into account throughput capacity of the facilities and has to exclude the congestions and if they happen, the dispatchers will send the flow of grain to other facilities. The capacity of all reception facilities, we have 45 of them this year, will allow to receive all produced yield and to store it without any loss until further processing”.

Total area of the fields under grain is 170,000 hectares in the region. It is divided between local species of wheat of Ioloten and Krasnodar selection. All mentioned species gives stable and good harvest in the region. This year, wheat producers of the Murgab Valley plan to produce more than 445,000 tons of wheat providing the population of the region with own wheat and to fill the bins of the state.

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