New buses and routes for Ashgabat residents

New buses and routes for Ashgabat residents

Residents of Ashgabat, who regularly use public transport in their daily lives, cannot mark to note the absence of such usual crowds of passengers waiting for buses at rush hours. Despite the fact that there are practically no stops in the city where comfortable conditions for the townspeople would not be created, the employees of the «Türkmenawtoulaglary» Agency are constantly working to create better conditions for potential passengers, both in terms of waiting for transport and their movement along the routes.

The same problems - the efficiency of bus traffic during rush hours, the comfort of waiting and the movement of passengers - faced the specialists of the Ashgabat motor transport enterprise of the «Türkmenawtoulaglary» Agency on the eve of the launch of new modern and comfortable buses of the «Hyundai ALL New super Aero City» brand on city routes.

This day were waiting with special impatience by both townspeople and motor transport workers. Firstly, the additional number of vehicles increases the frequency of flights, which means that it ensures a quick arrival of the passenger to the destination. Secondly, the specialists of motor transport companies have developed additional routes to be opened, expected by passengers living in new residential areas. These are routes towards Gundogar bazaar «Altyn Asyr» and the village «Gurtly», from densely populated micro-districts «Parahat».

The ceremonial commissioning of 400 brand new buses was timed to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the city. The fact that the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremonies of new city objects created a special festive mood for both citizens and motor transport workers.

On this day, motor transport workers, for their part, presented Ashgabat residents with a kind of gift - travel around the city was free.

The best drivers of the trucking company were sent to the new routes. Thus, one of the best drivers of the car company Maksatmyrat Orazmammedov got to the direction «Parahat – Gurtly» (route 23). Having only good reviews from passengers, he has been traveling on the roads of our capital for more than ten years and is rightfully considered one of the best in the company.

The quality and comfort of the new buses have already been tested by both the townspeople and the drivers themselves. Despite the fact that Vepa Abashov has been working at the car company for the third year, he, like M. Orazmammedov, is among the best. Vepa notes the innovations of the new passenger transport as very comfortable. The buses are equipped with front and rear view cameras, are comfortable, manageable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Particularly noteworthy is the installation of a GPS system in the car, as well as the ability to make payments for travel by bank transfer.

Today, specialists of the Ashgabat auto enterprise are actively developing a new type of service for the introduction using Internet capabilities. It is supposed, for example, the issuance of route vouchers to drivers equipped with special bar codes. Bus times and routes will be displayed on a dedicated website, making the arrival times of vehicles at stops more accurate and predictable. And Ashgabat residents will have the opportunity to plan their trips in advance, their working day using the capabilities of city vehicles.

Reporter «GA»

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