Construction of new airport is under completion in Lebap

Construction of new airport is under completion in Lebap

Private Company «Gündogdy» finishes the construction of airport in Kerky, Lebap Region. Passenger terminal with throughput capacity of 100 passenger per hour and 2.7-km runway, which is able to receive all type of aircrafts used by the «Türkmenhowaýollary» Agency, have been built next to the city railway stations and Turkmenabat – Kerky highway. Equipment installation and commissioning works are carried out in new airport.

Kerky Airport is one of the oldest in Turkmenistan. 75 years ago, when the order on opening of the airport in the city, the aircrafts used to take off and land from the salt flat at the bank of Amudarya River next to Samsonov settlement. The flights have been started in March 1946. Once a week, passengers from the city flew to Ashgabat and Mary by Po-2 aircraft. Airplanes and helicopters used to take off from unpaved runway and fly to Govurdak, Charjou, Garametniyaz, Zahmet and other settlements until concrete runway, which was used to received Yak-40 new aircrafts, has been built in 1974.

Passenger terminal of the airport, the same as entire airport complex of Kerky, will meet the highest international standards by its modern high-technological equipment and operational capabilities. Two departure halls for 120 passengers, two ticket counters, first aid rooms, international communication outlets, luggage room, post office, convenient cafes. Comfortable CIP-hall, mother and child room, canteen for 30 seats will be at disposal of the passengers.

Airport complex of the city will have developed ground facilities. Its new runway, which is provided with modern ground equipment by the ICAO first category like light signal, meteorological, aeronavigation and radio equipment from European companies, which will allow dispatching and receiving aircrafts 24 hours.

The construction of airport complex in Lebap Region was closely related to rapid development of one of the most perspective regions of the country. Therefore, transport hub that will significantly improve service provided to the population of this rich region, enhance its tourism potential and at the same time, expand the capabilities of national civil aviation both in international and local passenger flights, will be formed in the region.

Taxiways, aprons, parking, buildings for ground equipment, boiler, power substation, technical and other facilities have been built in the airport. The territory of the airport is under development, trees are planted and bosquets are made.

Member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Gundogdy Private Company, which won the tender for construction of the airport, has big experience in construction of similar civil aviation infrastructural facilities. The private company has successfully accomplished turn-key construction of International Airport in Turkmenabat, administrative center of Lebap Region. The company has also built number of important social facilities in the country – library in Balkanabat, stadium for 3,000 visitors in Serdar, complex of residential buildings for 200 apartments in Avaza, monuments in Turkmenbashy and other facilities.

New airport will be the fourth infrastructural facility, which will be built under National Program of development of civil aviation of Turkmenistan in 2012 – 2030 approved by the President of Turkmenistan. According to the program, new airports have been built and under construction in Ashgabat and other regions of the country, reconstruction of existing airports and terminals is carried out, airport services are improved.

the completion of construction of new airport in Kerky will start new stage in development of civil aviation of the country, will support further dynamic development of rich region, activation of beneficial trade, economic and humanitarian relations and tourism.

Vladimir KOMAROV

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