Muhammed Bekiyev about the importance of history in stage plays

Muhammed Bekiyev about the importance of history in stage plays

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Muhammed Bekiyev has celebrated his 70th anniversary last March. Despite his age, the actor continues working in the main theatre of the country. He has told about his carrier and work in theatre and cinematography in the conversation with reporter of the Golden Age.

Muhammed Bekiyev was born in a working family in Bayramaly, Mary Region on March 10, 1951. After graduation from the school, his working activity has started from the post of librarian in Bayramaly. Having entered Schepkin High Theatre College, he received his higher education in the capital of Russia in 1968 – 1973.

After graduation of the college, he has started working in Aman Gulmammedov Theatre in Ashgabat and starred in movies. Despite his young years, he has deeply imbued with theatre art and was improving his artistic talent.

Muhammed Bekiyev has made many images in the movies, worked with Turkmenfilm as well as with Ukrainian Dovzhenko Film Studio and Mosfilm. He has played a role of old man in “Attack” by Dovzhenko Film Studio as well as in “Death Caravan” by Mosfilm. He has also starred in Turkmen “Snake Island” and “Interesting Journey”.

He has played the roles of prominent Turkmen people, which required some efforts from the actor, at the theatre stage. Taciturnity, multiple meanings, silence in views and activity typical for Turkmen rulers, their courage and justice have become fundamental features for work on scene roles.

Great master was able to revive the images of philosopher Sufiya in play “Jan”, Oguz Khan in play with the same name, Sultan Sanjar in “The Love of Seljouk”, Alp Arslan in “Nyzamy Mülkde”.

“It is impossible to reveal the images of historical personalities without thorough study of the history” – the People’s Artist noticed.

Muhammed Bekiyev was a sound animator of more than 400 movies and cartoons. Bekiyev was awarded with the USSR State Prize in 1991 and with Magtumguly International Prize in 1993 for his acting skills.

He was conferred with title of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan in 2008. The artist was awarded with medal “For Love of the Motherland and with the Order of Revival for many years of works.

 Azady Myradov

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