«Türkmenin ak oýi» – a part of the new architectural appearance of Dashoguz

«Türkmenin ak oýi» – a part of the new architectural appearance of Dashoguz

The construction of a new large social and cultural facility «Türkmenin ak oýi» has entered the final stage in Dashoguz. This facility is being built, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, by the specialists of the individual enterprise «Rovshen».

«Türkmenin ak oýi» is a whole complex of objects designed for mass events of national and international importance, festive performances.

The new building, which is a huge white yurt, harmoniously combines the original traditions of the architecture of the Turkmens and the modern achievements of architectural art. Its interior design is distinguished by originality and a pronounced national flavor. When decorating the building, carpet ornaments and decorative elements were used, repeating the lattice frame of Turkmen yurts.

The total area of the building is eleven hectares; the height of the building is over 45 meters. The premises are decorated with marble and stained-glass windows, basement and steps of external stairs, faced with granite.

On the ground floor of the complex there is a hall for three thousand spectators with a stage, arena and stage. On the second floor there is a main entrance with a spacious hall, combined with a wardrobe and an exhibition hall. The building will open three cafes, a teahouse, office and other premises. There will be installed acoustic systems and other necessary facilities for large-scale forums and colorful performances.

The complex under construction includes a separate standing building for a boon (sadaka) for three thousand seats, open areas for various events, a parking lot, a helipad, a block of technical buildings, reservoirs for drinking and irrigation water, fire-fighting purposes, and others.

At present, finishing work is underway inside the premises, electrical cables are being laid, and cooling and air conditioning systems are being installed. The adjacent territory is also being improved. Thus, the green area is 35,418 square meters. Various types of conifers, shrubs and flowers are planted. More than 150 decorative floor-type poles have been installed for lighting.

In recent years «Türkmenin ak oýi» in Dashoguz will become an integral part of a new architectural ensemble of white marble structures for various purposes created in this part of the city. A modern comfortable hotel with 350 seats, the «Bagt Köşgi» Palace of Happiness, the construction of a hippodrome, a sports complex with a stadium for ten thousand spectators, and others are among them.

Batyr Uraev

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