Potatoes are being harvested in the north of the country

Potatoes are being harvested in the north of the country

In the north of the country, spring-planted potatoes are being harvested at a high rate. This year, in the Dashoguz velayat, it was located on 1900 hectares. Most of these areas are located in the etrap named after Gurbansoltan eje, where, due to the high level of organization of harvesting, more than 12,500 tons of crops have already been harvested from the fields. Here the main producers of potatoes were the farmers' associations "N. Andalyp" and "Shawat", as well as a private structure. Potato growers of the etrap named after S.A. Niyazov, where in the spring an earthen apple was planted on 450 hectares of fields, are close to fulfilling the planned task. Here, today, about 6,000 tons of culture have already been harvested.

In the Dashoguz velayat, thanks to the comprehensive support and encouragement of farmers by the state, sufficient experience has been accumulated in potato cultivation. Here, despite the difficult weather and climatic conditions, they learned to grow two of its crops during the year. This is facilitated by the choice of the most suitable for planting areas and high-yielding, disease-resistant and unpretentious varieties for the region, as well as the prudent use of water resources. In the region, preference is given to medium-early and early Dutch varieties suitable for cultivation in local soil and climatic conditions.

Note that in autumn in the region, tubers will again be planted on 800 hectares of land. Local potato growers expect to collect at least 140 centners from each hectare.

 Batyr Uraev 

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