The winners of the Meniň Watanym National Film Festival have been announced

The winners of the Meniň Watanym National Film Festival have been announced

On September 12, the results of the Meniň Watanym (My Motherland) artistic-journalistic and chronicle-documentary film festival were summed up in the capital of Turkmenistan.

The jury of the competition program was faced with the difficult task of choosing the best stories that clearly represent the country's achievements gained over 30 years of independence. The final list consisted of 13 participants, 8 of whom became winners in the previously announced nominations.

The main prize of the film festival went to director Rakhimberdy Annagulyev for the short film "Nesillere galsyn diýip". The cinematography of this film was also awarded a nomination in the person of cinematographer Mekan Gurbangulyev. The special prize “The sympathy of the jury” was awarded to the film “Garagum derýasy-Bereket çesmesi” by the employee of the TV channel “Altyn Asyr” Myratgeldy Khallyev.

Kakov Garrayev, head of the creative team of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan, won the nomination for the best film director. He dedicated his film “Meniň atam gümrükçi” to customs officers and their everyday life. The best editor was named Japbar Ashirgeldyev for his work on the short film "Ykbally döwlet".

The musical design of the film "Aziýada 2017 bu diňe bir sport däl" was awarded in the nomination "Best composer", this title was awarded to the young TV presenter Aina Durdyeva. The victory for the best decoration of the film "Üstünligiň syry" went to an employee of the "Aşgabat" TV channel, a student of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture Yazmurat Allaberdiev.

The film with the best literary basis was "Inci Şehir Aşkabat!" prepared by the creative team of the representative office of the Turkish television and radio company TRT in Ashgabat.

Svetlana Chirtsova

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