Expansion of furniture production

Expansion of furniture production

In the administrative center of Gubadag etrap of Dashoguz velayat the various types of furniture production was launched. A new private industry was established by the individual enterprise «Türkmen çаrwа». Its structure includes the manufacture workshops, warehouses for storage of finished products, and shop for show and sales of manufactured goods. Along with furniture, the plastic windows, light and strong interior doors of various design, decorative screens for heating radiators and other items are manufactured here. It is possible due to the operating personnel with a sufficient experience, as well as to a high level of the equipment capability of production. Installed here high-performance specialized equipment allows to perform all required operations, including raw material pattern cutting, constructive holes drilling, edge machining and etc. Besides, the entrepreneurs are intended to manufacture the custom-made items, with regard to the request and expectations of customer.

Today in the north of our country the production of various types of furniture is considered by the local private structures as one of the profitable business areas. In no small part it is associated with the considerably increased in region housing building and steady consumer demand for utility and high-quality furniture complying with interior of the spacious comfortable apartments. It is no coincidence that the member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the individual enterprise «Hilal», being regarded as one of the oldest private structures of Dashoguz, and specializing on production of the high-quality metal and wooden doors, furniture for different purpose and plastic windows, is planning to expand furniture production as well.

Batyr Urayev

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