Cooperation between Turkmen and American specialists marks 20 years

Cooperation between Turkmen and American specialists marks 20 years

On September 13 the virtual international Turkmen – American conference on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan and 20th anniversary of the “U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation” (AFCP) was held in Ashgabat. The organizers of the virtual conference are the Embassy of USA in Turkmenistan in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

In the conference participated from the American part - the representatives from the AFCP Committee, the Library of Congress, the University of Texas at San Antonio, World Heritage Fund, World Monuments Fund, CyArk Foundation, Oriental Institute (OI), Textile Museum, Caring for Textiles (CFT). From Turkmenistan part – the specialists of the Ministry of Culture, the State Committee for TV/Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography, the National Department of Protection, Research, and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Sites, the Institute of History and Archaeology, and other participants of the AFCP projects in our country.

At the appointed time all participants got online through monitors. Matthew Klimow, United States Ambassador to Turkmenistan, opened the conference. He emphasized that for Turkmenistan, this month marks 30 years of independence. Today “U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation” marks a proud date too – 20th anniversary of its activity for the benefit of future o our planet. Two last decades – is a period of the close cooperation between the specialists of the United States and Turkmen colleagues on preservation of monuments which have a historic value and require restoration.

After discussion of the cooperation results on various cultural preservation projects across Turkmenistan the conference participants mapped a path to the development of relation of partnership between Turkmen and American organizations and experts.

In his concluding speech Dr. Martin Perschler, AFCP Program Director thanked everyone who supports AFCP, both in Turkmenistan and the United States, for their “dedication to the preservation of Turkmenistan’s unique and rich cultural heritage” and “perseverance in ensuring that the heritage will continue to educate and inspire future generations of Turkmen and people from around the world.”

“U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation” is a grant program established by the State Department at request of the U.S. Congress. Turkmenistan is on top in terms of AFCP projects fulfilled.

Tamara Glazunova

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