UNFPA and the British Embassy in Turkmenistan sign new agreement

UNFPA and the British Embassy in Turkmenistan sign new agreement

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund and the British Embassy in Turkmenistan signed a new cooperation agreement, which will be aimed at promoting a human rights-based, gender sensitive and inclusive engagement of the police with the population.

The access to quality gender disaggregated data and national statistics to monitor the progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender, other gender related SDGs and targets is one of the priority areas of joint programme of cooperation of UNFPA and the Government for the next five years. The cooperation with the British Embassy will complement UNFPA’s programme agenda with the Government at the policy level and will focus on social norms supporting gender and right-based values in the society. In particular, the capacity building interventions will be planned to improve the understanding among local police inspectors and the Police Academy trainees and faculty of issues of gender equality, human rights and inclusiveness.

This will go in line with the priorities outlined in the 2021-2025 National Action Plan for Human Rights on human rights education and bringing law enforcement practices in line with international human rights standards.

“UNFPA highly appreciates continuous partnership and support of the UK Government in Turkmenistan and for trusting UNFPA in delivering important programmes, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the people” said Ayna Seyitlieva, UNFPA Head of Office.

Ayjahan Ataballyeva 

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