Barley sowing time

Barley sowing time

In the north of Turkmenistan, the farmers sow the winter barley. One thousand hectares are allocated for this important crop in Dashoguz velayat. The agriculturists of the region have a long successful experience on barley growing and they harvest heavy yield every year. Apart from their skill, it is provided due to the tolerable vegetational season of grass family plant, persistence to diseases and low maintenance. The advantages of the winter barley include also its early maturity, ability to use the deposits of moisture in soil and high drought resistance. The local farmers grow several local and foreign varieties of barley. It is worthy of note that the barley, being the important concentrated forage for livestock, provides also the fertility restoring of the saline land. The largest crop producer in the region will be S.Turkmenbashi etrap, where 250 hectares were allocated for it. The barley will be grown on 150 hectares in Kunyaurgench and Akdepe etraps.

The livestock production in Dashoguz velayat is one of the important branches of agriculture. For its needs dozens of thousand ton of stock of various forage is made every year, including winter barley. An important place that it takes in the list of cultivated plants, talk about the fact that the native scientists crop breeders consistently work on breeding of new, improved varieties of barley, including those adapted to the complicated weather and climate conditions of the north region.

Batyr Urayev