Modern cottage complex to be built in the north of Ashgabat

Modern cottage complex to be built in the north of Ashgabat

Modern cottage complex will be built in the northern part of Ashgabat on the bank of Altyn Köl Lake. It will be located on the northeast side of the lake between the bank and new highway. The complex will be built in the shape of the arc of 424 meters in width, 4,000 meters in diameter and length of more than seven kilometers. Parking zone, which is geometric center of the complex, with amphitheater and car parking will be located in the center of the arc.

Local contractors’ organizations will build 268 double-store cottages, in which around 1,000 residents can spend their holidays at the same time, under the 17th phase of the capital’s development next to excellent sand beaches of the pearl of Karakum Desert. Necessary recreation infrastructure will also be built in this place.

After 2013 when the borders of Ashgabat were significantly increased by the Order of the President of Ashgabat and the territory of former Kurtly Water Reserve, which is called Altyn Köl today, has been included to the city borders, this water reserve has stopped to be just a lake on the edge of the desert but had to be merged inherently to urban construction concept of growing capital. In this regard, it is worth to remind that human being depends mainly of the conditions of water estuaries both natural and artificially made in urban agglomerations. They serve as natural filters for industrial and domestic wastes, are natural barriers during sand storms, support the improvement of water quality, provide population with drinking water and green zones around them serves as a camping place for the citizens and support their health. Being protected and sustainable used, they are able to give huge economic, social and cultural benefit to the cities.

The construction of modern cottage complex and entire recreation infrastructure along the banks, which is planned to be completed in 2024, will support to improvement of life quality of Ashgabat residents. The Altyn Köl project will give an opportunity to nominate our white-marble capital as the first in Central Asia city with wetland park, which has an international significance.

Developers of the General Plan of the 17th phase of the capital’s urban development – architects and designers of the General State Project Association Türkmendöwlettaslama, have divided 300-hectare territory into 13 sections, ten of which will be built with double-store cottages in hi-tech style shortly. It is planned to build four types of cottages (for two or more families) at the work order of various ministries and departments at each of the section. The architecture of the buildings will vary with exterior and interior design. These design will provide a feeling of comfort while the creativity of the project, which accumulates the most advanced development of the world architectural, engineering and technical thought, will provide ecological safety and comfortable stay.

Such cottage can be used all year around. They will be provided with heating systems, which will be provided with hot water for heating and other house needs from 24 boilers. The cottages will be connected to gas and electricity systems, equipped with WRV split systems for air conditioning, necessary household gas and electrical equipment and other life support systems, connected to IP-television, internet and telephone.

New cottage complex on the bank of the lake will have the most favorable conditions for comfortable holidays. In addition to the cottages, it is planned to build recreation infrastructure such as restaurants and cafes, outdoor swimming pools and aqua parks, sport and children playgrounds in each section. In addition, modern cottage complex will have public social facilities like local administration building, health center, shopping center and public services, police and fire station. The court for public events and parking zone with fountains will be built in the central part.

Two shaded care parking for 500 vehicle each will be built at the entrance to modern cottage complex. In addition, shaded car parking will be built at the entrance to each cottage.

Trees and shrubs will be planted, small gardens will be made, pedestrian walkways and cycling paths connecting living quarters with comfortable beach zone, which will be 100 meters in width, will be built. The beaches will be equipped with deck chairs, umbrellas, shades and wooden walkways.

Altyn köl has to be interesting place both for health improving holidays and entertainments as well as for regular walks in good weather. Recreation zone that is made in this place is a unique island in urbanized environment. Undoubtedly, it will support the formation of ecological culture and will become a favorite place of Ashgabat’s residents and guests of the capital.

Vladimir Komarov