Steady demand for products

Steady demand for products

The plant for the production of sterile bandaging materials in Dashoguz ensures the even release of products in accordance with the implementation timeline. The plant that manufactured products amounted to more than 4.655 million manats, fulfilled the plan of the first six months of the year. The enterprise produces a variety of products, including gauze bandages, gypsum bandages and elastic bandages of various sizes, adhesive plasters, disinfected tampons, disposable gauze dressings, elastic stockings for varicose veins, knee pads and ankles of various sizes among others. Disposable medical gowns made of environmentally friendly spunbond and other products, which were relatively recently launched into mass production, are also in demand among consumers.

The Dashoguz enterprise is a high-tech production that fully complies with international standards. It is equipped with modern equipment from well-known European manufacturers, which allows automatically produceup to 13 million packages of various types of dressings per year. The enterprise manufactured the most demanded goods in modern medicine in two main forms - in individual and group packaging. The specialists of the enterprise constantly study the demand of healthcare institutions of the country and the population for certain types of products and master their production. So, in recent years, the enterprise has launched the production of meter-long bleached gauze cloth, sterile medical overalls made of non-woven material and other products.

Today, foreign consumers express their interest in the high quality and wide range of specialized products manufactured at the enterprise. We hope that in the near future the enterprise will export its products to foreign markets.

Batyr Uraev