"Gul - Bilbil"

"Gul - Bilbil"

"Gul - Bilbil", which means "Flower - Nightingale" in translation, and this already says a lot ...

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence, the opera "Gul - Bilbil" by composer Khudainazar Amangeldyev will be performed on the stage of the Makhtumkuli National Music and Drama Theater. It should be reminded that the opera is based on the motives of Abdulla Shabendi's destan, which is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.

The opera begins with a surprisingly bright and melodic overture, which will surely become a favorite piece for Turkmen musicians. The author of the libretto is People's Writer of Turkmenistan Govshutgeldy Danatarov. The opera was staged by the director, Honored Art Worker of Turkmenistan Ainazar Batyrov. The conductor was a student of TNK Dovletmammet Okdirov.

For the first time, the opera "Gul - Bilbil" was performed on the stage of the State Music and Drama Theater of the Lebap velayat named after S. Seydi as part of the “Week of Culture” held this year in the Lebap velayat. And now, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the independence of our country, Turkmen citizens are given the opportunity to enjoy the euphonious voices of the heroes of Destan.

According to the libretto, the son of the shah Bilbil falls in love with the princess Gul in a dream, and despite the persuasions of his parents, he goes with his friends - Galandar, Sala bek and Zelili - to the country of Shaalyzhan. And along the way, friends free the peoples of the countries of Gunchabi, Aisulu and Aydzhemal from dragons and other mythical forces. Here Bilbil leaves his friends with their beloved, and goes to Shaalyzhan alone.

With the support of a loyal relative, Gul Salym, Bilbil finds himself in a garden owned by Gul. The beautiful princess told the stranger that she foresees the danger of her capture and the capture of her country by Zaguzagan. Bilbil enters into a fight with him, from which he emerges victorious. The lovers are happy and return to their homeland of Bilbil.

Despite the fact that the “Gul - Bilbil” destan was formed 300 years ago, the theme of patriotism, generosity, the service of justice, as an inalienable behavior of honest and courageous men, runs through its lines as a leitmotif. That is, time has no power over the highest life values: these character traits are in honor even today among the Turkmen people.

Melodic graceful music, beautiful voices of performers, a captivating fairy tale in colorful scenery with heroes in luxurious costumes - this is how the long-awaited opera will appear.

It remains to add the performers of the main parts. They are Leyli Okdirova (Gul), People's Artist of Turkmenistan Atajan Berdyev (Bilbil), laureate of the Altyn Asyr Begench Gaipov (Nasyr Shah) award.

Tamara Glazunova

Photo: Alexey Gimalitdinov