Two film premieres await Turkmen TV viewers

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The "Turkmenfilm" association named after Oguzkhan has prepared two feature films "Çapar" and "Sähra aýdymy" for screening. The premieres of the films will be shown to Turkmen TV viewers in the coming days.

The film "Çapar" directed by Vep Ishankuliyev has a historical character. Together with the heroes of the picture, the audience will be transported to the distant 18th century and will be eyewitnesses of the events of that time. The main participant in the events is a young man who, by the will and important order of the Turkmen ruler, sets off on a long journey. On the way, many exciting adventures, trials and encounters await him ...

The film promises to be not only incredibly interesting, but also spectacular, because it was filmed almost all over the country - in the most beautiful historical places of Turkmenistan, unique corners of Turkmen nature.

The director of the film was able to convey all the richness and beauty of the national-historical theme illustrated in the film. Among the works of Vep Ishankuliev there are a number of other wonderful films, such as “Nejep oglan”, “Galkynyş”, “Gül açan miras”.

Unlike the film "Çapar", the second film premiere of "Sähra aýdymy" directed by Murat Orazov will tell the audience about the modern era. A film of educational and patriotic character tells about the best human qualities, the destinies of their heroes, living in the capital and the countryside.

Among the works of the director Murat Orazov, there are “Magtymguly”, “Beýik ýüpek ýoly”, which are worthily included in the collection of modern cinematography.

The roles of the heroes in the films "apar" and "Sähra aýdymy" were performed by both young, novice actors and eminent representatives of the Turkmen cinema, people's artists of Turkmenistan - Chary Berdyev, Shirley Mollaev, Chary Seytliev and others.

By the end of this year, Turkmen filmmakers will present 9 more premieres to viewers - 5 feature films and 4 documentaries. At the final stage of preparation - two feature films “Bakyş” by Iskander Annamukhamedov and “Söýgi mukamy” by Annadurdy Tashliev. The creation of these films is timed to coincide with the upcoming celebration of the Day of Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenfilm will also delight moviegoers with premieres on New Year's Eve. For TV viewers, the films "Geldi Täze ýyl" and "Syrly sowgat" directed by Murat Orazov and Arslan Eberdiev will be screened.

Among the premieres planned for this year are Batyr Batyrov's Hajy gulak, Aman Sharlyev's Arkadagyň ak ýoly and others. The fictional and documentary novelties of the Turkmen filmmakers will be of interest to the audience of viewers of all age categories - both children and adults.

Anastasia Kasyanova