Global Entrepreneurship Week in Turkmenistan

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Global Entrepreneurship Week in Turkmenistan

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), which started this year on 8 November  – is an annual international action, bringing together the participants of the entrepreneur ecosystem from180 countries of the world. The businessmen taking part in the event take an opportunity to learn the newest entrepreneurial products and initiatives, exchange achievements and development level of entrepreneurial culture in their regions.

Primary objective of GEW – the global formation of the entrepreneurial culture and development of the entrepreneurial potential.

Within this week in Turkmenistan МСТ Agency together with the Woman Techmakers Ahgabat held several events aimed at the development of youth entrepreneurship, innovations promotion, attraction of investments in the new modern projects.

Training «How to start startup» was held for the young people, who are full of ideas, strive to create their own business and help people in solving their problems. The seminar participants learned what the main steps need to be taken to create and develop a business, and got acquainted with examples of startups from around the world.

Special training with the same content was held for people whose profession especially promotes creation of innovations - programmers, engineers, designers

The seminar was organized for the potential investors among the businessmen who is ready to support the beginning entrepreneurs both in financial aspect and as the advisers and mentors. The basic principles of interaction with startups and their assessment methods were presented in the seminar.

The first results of «StartUp Academy by МСТ Agency» operation was summed up. During the first year of its existence, 14 projects went through the following levels of development: starting a business, making the first sales, exporting the first batch of goods abroad, reaching the break-even point, acquiring regular customers.