In the shopping center «Altyn Asyr» - new arrivals of textile products

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In the shopping center «Altyn Asyr» - new arrivals of textile products

On the eve of the New Year holiday the shopping center «Altyn Asyr» replenished with the new arrivals of well-known domestic brands, such as «Gala», «Yeniş», «Bedew», «ADT» and others. There are high quality textile goods, stuffed toys, towels, bedclothing, table and kitchen linen, clothes for children and adults, and men’s shoes in the wide range of the shop.

Among the fashion trends of the Fall & Winter season 2021-2022 are the stylish woman cardigans from natural wool of delicate and bright colour.

Following the fashion craze, the Turkmen designers try to add to the novelties of the textile products the elements of the folk costumes. Various styles of outer women wear are decorated with the ornaments of the traditional Turkmen embroidery, that especially impose upon ladies following the classic style.

The jeans clothes lovers will be surprised at large discount. There are the men’s and women’s jeans, shirts and jean jackets at the favourable prices on the second floor of the shopping center «Altyn Asyr».

The symbol; of the New 2022 Year in the Eastern calendar will be Tiger, and when if not now to begin purchase the presents with the New year theme. There are pajamas “Tiger curb” from the textile brand «Nusaý», warm socks with image of Santa Claus and Snowman of the trade mark «Akar», and large Christmas socks for presents in the children’s department of the center.

Th online shopping is provided on the site of the shipping center «Altyn Asyr».