The works of Mozart sounded brilliantly at the Conservatory

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The works of Mozart sounded brilliantly at the Conservatory
Aleksey Gimalitdinov

265 years have passed since the birth of Mozart, but the genius who lived in him never ceases to amaze mankind. During his 35 years of life, he wrote 626 heartfelt works that leave no one indifferent.

At the age of 6, Mozart composed the First Concerto for the Clavier. The father took notes and exclaimed:

- But this concert is so difficult that no one can play it!

- But no, - objected the son, - even a child can play it. For example me.

It’s hard to say whether it really was or a witty and very accurate bike came down to us. As it is difficult to imagine that a curly, cheerful child prodigy, six years old, gave concerts in Vienna, Munich, Germany, Switzerland, Holland. The child's music fascinated listeners with its amazing beauty.

In Italy, where Mozart lived for 4 years, his operas Mithridates - Tsar of Pontus, Lucius Sulla, The Dream of Scipio were performed with great success. Again, it is difficult to imagine that the author of operas, a teenager Wolfgang Mozart, took the stage to bow to the enthusiastic audience.

By the age of 17, the composer's repertoire included more than 40 major works. The peak of fame of the Austrian musician of universal talent was the operas "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Giovanni", which still do not leave the stages of opera houses in almost all countries.

The last commissioned work - the Mass Requiem - is covered with tragic forebodings. The customer wished to remain anonymous. There is an assumption that he wanted to pass off the work as his own. Mozart felt a black negativity from this man, but a large amount of money at a time when he was extremely strapped for funds influenced the decision to take up the order. The Requiem was not completed by Mozart; it was completed by maestro Zyusmyer’s student. Throughout November 1791, Mozart did not get out of bed. On December 5, he died of an acute fever.

The brilliant musician was not given a lavish funeral, as he deserved. He was buried in a common grave among the poor. This fact remains forever a reproach to society, for which the dead Mozart was no longer interesting.

However, time has put everything in its place. In Salzburg, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, every year on his birthday, international music competitions are held. Mozart. He is one of the most popular composers in the world, whose works are performed on all music venues.

* * *

Ten magnificent works by Mozart were performed in the Great Hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva, where a concert dedicated to the 265th anniversary of the greatest composer took place.

The concert program was opened by the laureate of international competitions Jemal Agajanova with a performance of the Concerto for violin and orchestra. Jemal easily and masterfully conveyed it to the public. In principle, such a performance was expected from her, because with this work the Turkmen violinist took 2nd place in the international online music competition in France this year.

Begench Gaipov, laureate of the State Competition "Turkmenstanyn Altyn Asyry", performed with Don Juan's aria (with champagne) from the opera Don Juan, naturally, taking the stage with a glass of champagne.

Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Vladimir Mkrtumov brilliantly performed two works by Mozart - "Fantasy" (C minor) and Rondo (D major). However, Mozart's music, regardless of whether it is minor or major, is saturated with the light of tenderness and purity, just in the minor one - you can feel a light sweet sadness.

For the first time, Stella Faramazova's students appeared on the big stage - Altyn Nurmuradova (violin), Kovus Byashimov (viola), Erdzhel Yagshimuradov (piano). They performed "Trio", parts 2 and 3. Interesting fact: Altyn is a 4th year student, and Kovus and Erjemal are freshmen, but despite this, they played so well that they achieved an ensemble effect. The debut of the trio was successful.

At the end of the concert program with the number G-Minor Quartet, a student quartet performed: Dzhemal Agadzhanova (violin), Aylar Annamuradova (cello), laureate of the international competition. Nury Khalmamedova Merjan Amanova (piano), Atageldy Rozyev (viola). This melody sounded so bright and harmonious that it seemed that not a quartet was performing, but a whole symphony orchestra.

The concertmaster of the concert was Stella Faramazova, a graduate of international competitions.

* * *

The concerts in honor of the heroes of the day, organized by the department of the chamber ensemble, do not end there. Ahead of the audience are waiting for the concerts "Singers of Love" - about Vincenzo Bellini and Franz Liszt.