The Epoch of people with Arkadag lit up with the upcoming New Year 2022!

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The Epoch of people with Arkadag lit up with the upcoming New Year 2022!

Today, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has attended the New Year’s event held at the Main New Year’s tree to share the joy and happiness of young participants of the festive event on the square in front of the Alem cultural and entertainment centre.

The 38 and half meters high and 16 meters in diameter majestic tall beautiful green new year tree decorated with shining toys of different colours, garlands and lamps with an eight-pointed star on its top and figures 2022 lit up brightly has been installed in the centre of the real fabulous corner stretched wide here.

There are numerous New Year decorations with images of symbols of the outgoing year 2021 and upcoming year 2022, colourful character compositions and characters of folk tales, cartoons and festive attribute.

Here has appeared a whole of forest of small New Year trees and a small fabulous land literally made of children’s imagination and exciting expectations from the New Year and surprises.

Having come here, children are astonished for a moment with excitement but soon they make a hurry to explore further the magic kingdom full of impressions and adventures, wonderful characters of favourite cartoons. The wonderful music sounding over the square invites all of them to make a luring journey.

Trees and shrubs envelop the square as well as are decorated with lights, lamps of different colours which at night-time, create an effect of flight in the air of the entire new year ensemble.

To the solemn event at the Main New Year’s tree, children from all regions of the country and schoolchildren from the capital schools have been invited. They are top of the class schoolchildren, winners of subject school competitions, sports competitions and creative contests as well as children of children’s homes.

Children gathered here welcomed here main characters and customary companions of the holiday Ayaz baba and Garpamyk with elation and then all together welcomed numerous guests arrived in there, including members of the Government, the chairwoman of the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh and other authorities.

With joyful excitement, all wait for arrival of head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Participation of the President of the country in this solemn event demonstrated a significance of the cultural popular events in honour of the New Year holiday and filled hearts of children with joy and enthusiasm and created unforgettable moments for them.

Every year the leader of the nation finds time in spite of his extremely busy work schedule and with pleasure attends the New Year festive events at the Main New Year’s tree. The President of Turkmenistan loves to communicate with children and does it with such paternal warmth and care that they all answer him with full confidence. And every time the conversation of the head of the state with the growing generation touches upon the topic of the future of our county and its tomorrow.

The car of the leader of the nation stops at the square in front of the Alem centre. With joy and noisy greetings and poems, the well-dressed children welcome the President of Turkmenistan.

A joyful music of the New Year sounds and together with happy children the leader of the nation makes his way towards the main new year symbol, an ever green beautiful New Year tree decorated with balls of different colours, colourful garlands, lamps, a shining tinsel and new year toys. Around are fabulous chests and carts full of New Year presents.

On behalf of all growing Turkmen nationals, Ayaz baba and Garpamyk congratulate head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with the upcoming year 2022, which will pass under the motto «Epoch of people with Arkadag», and thank him for his tireless care of children, their wellbeing and health, spiritual development, development of gifted children, quality education meeting the world standards.

They invite the President of the country to enjoy the creative performance of young actors –vocalists, musicians and dancers who perform their numbers with youthful ardour and emotional uplift, enlivening with joy and optimism all the present.

The colourful costumes including characters of Turkmen folklore and fairy tales of world peoples added the impressiveness of the performance.

The leader of the nation with pleasure and great interest watched the performance of children, the talent of whom evokes a feeling of pride in all. Indeed, the gifted youth having all opportunities for realization of their potential is the best indicator for efficiency of social and educational reforms carried out on the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

There are necessary conditions in our country to ensure the happy childhood of children. Thanks to such attitude of the head of the state, young Turkmen nationals in the prosperous epoch of the powerful state actively develop their creative, intellectual abilities and practice sports. Children worthily represent our country abroad and participate in important competitions and tournaments.

… Then young actors in costumes representing the symbol of the year 2021 – a nice bull-calf and mascot of the year 2022 – an attractive tiger addressed the head of the state with a request to sing and dance in a ring around the New Year tree.

The President of the country holding of hands of children took a part in this traditional New Year ceremony embodying unity and successiveness of generations and with great joy shared the joy and happiness of the favourite holiday of everybody.

It symbolizes the importance of the state policy pursued by leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at ensuring the happy life of the younger generation, education of the youth in the spirit of patriotism and love for our fatherland.

Then, to the great joy of children, on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan they were presented with New Year gifts. As keepsakes of the holiday, at the request of its participants their photographs with the head of the state and young Turkmen nationals at the Main New-Year’s tree were taken.

Having wished happy New Year to children and wonderful winter holiday and success in their study and realization of their dreams, the leader of the nation expressed confidence that they all will grow worthy men to follow the best traditions and wide advice of our ancestors and true owners of our fatherland and will make their contribution to further development of Turkmenistan.

Once again having thanked all participants of the performance for their inspiring creativity, sincereness in search of self-expression through art, the President of Turkmenistan left the place of the event.

* * *

Today another New Year event has taken place in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here, in the large hall, which is decorated with bright ornaments and the New Year symbol, a tall and well-decorated New Year tree has been installed and around it together with main characters of the New Year and fairy tales a great number of young Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital, folklore and dance groups, actors of theatres and the circus dressed in carnival costumes gathered.

Characters of fairy tales welcome joyful happy children with good wishes: the symbol of the upcoming year – tiger that symbolizes the strength of mind and courage as well as Ayaz baba and his beautiful granddaughter Garpamyk.

Participants of the event express their sincere congratulations to the head of the state to whom the Turkmen people attribute all grandiose achievements and progress of the modern epoch and they wish him happiness, sound health and great success in his large-scale state activities for the benefit of further development of our country and people.

Music, song and dance performance of professional and amateur creative groups of the country was a major highlight of the festive concert and young actors also displayed their best.

Inspiring musical pieces sound high and folk songs play, modern arrangements for classic works sound and all this makes everyone applaud unanimously to the time of stirring rhythms of dance music.

Among “small stars” of the stage who performed there were participants of dance groups «Ruhubelent çagalar», «Şowhun», «Galkynyş», violin players’ group «Mukam», chorus group «Güneş» and others.

All these groups are widely famous in our country, they are holders of many state contests and international creative contests.

Especially for the New Year holiday, they have prepared jointly a new program, which included songs of peoples of the world, modern Turkmen composers and poets, classic works, waltz melodies and choreographic pieces based on folklore motives.

Young dancers and singers impressed the audience with their stirring creative gift and charm and presented everybody with lots of smile and warm feelings.

Circus actors also impressed them with their agility and novice young jugglers under the supervision of masters of this art in the Turkmen state circus as well as students of the Turkmen state culture institute greatly entertained the audience with their best performance.

The joint performance of children from nursery schools of Ashgabat under the titles «Ýyldyzlar we ýyldyzjyklar» became a unique musical bouquet for the gathered.

“The festive ball of Cinderella “ by the best performance of young violin players under the accompaniment of whom pairs of dancers, young actors in wonderful costumes and girls in ball dresses also took participants into the journey of wonderful music world.

Deep unique Turkmen motives recognized as typical ethnographical features, inimitable folklore melody, unique vocal techniques, and tinted with choreographically picture, which expresses the thought and energy of the plastique of old ceremonial dances of Turkmens sounded colourfully.

Growing actors, rising stars of the Turkmen stage with great confidence showed that the future of Turkmen art and culture is bright.

Embodying in itself the richness of national heritage and filling it with inspiration and fresh ideas, they also display the world values and are open for all the new and interesting.

…New Year congratulations, toasts, and wishes of happiness sound. The performance ends with a high note of general elation and joint song «Hoş geldiň täze ýyl Arkadagly diýara».

Inspired words and music reflected the feelings of pride and happiness of millions of our citizens for our independent neutral Turkmenistan, which today experiences its true uplift, which is connected with the glorious name of the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

At the end of the solemnity, on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov its participants were served with a festive cake. Organization of the New Year events at high level visually display the significance of holiday events in the country for adults and children who strive to make happy each other gathering art one table.

Independent neutral Turkmenistan welcomes 2022 as a one, large and united family. Let every day of our life be filled with the light of kind hopes, joy of new achievements and our work and achievements augment the glory of our fatherland!