Ï Nature conservation – a scientific approach

Nature conservation – a scientific approach

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Nature conservation – a scientific approach

The Laboratory of Technology for Environmental Protection of the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan conducts research work on methods for maintaining the purity of soil, water, air and cleaning them from various harmful substances. The laboratory received a license from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan. The permit for environmental activities, issued to the laboratory in January of this year, entitles the specialists of the Center to carry out a set of research works on environmental protection in the use and development of natural resources, while ensuring an increase in the efficiency of their extraction, conservation and prevention of environmental pollution.

The license issued to the laboratory involves the development of environmental passports and regulatory documents (technological regulations, specifications and state standards) for new types of products manufactured by enterprises, organizations, plants and factories of the country, as well as other objects of the public and private sector.

With the receipt of a license, an environmental laboratory can provide services and offer technical advice when conducting engineering and prospecting work. This implies such use of the natural resource potential, in which the exploitation (extraction, withdrawal) of one of the natural resources causes the least damage to other natural resources, and the economic activity of the enterprise has, in general, the minimum possible impact on the environment.

Laboratory specialists have begun to develop permitted standards for liquid, gaseous and solid industrial waste emitted by enterprises into the environment, and gives recommendations on reducing the negative impact of waste, on their disposal and reuse. Environmentally friendly fertilizers from local raw materials are being developed.