A State Сommission has been established to organize the grain harvest in 2022

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In order to further strengthen the country’s economic potential in the epoch of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state, to systematically increase the production of wheat, which is a source of abundance and a guarantor of the food independence of our people, to harvest the grown wheat crop in a relatively short time and without losses, as well as timely handling accounts with grain producers, the President of Turkmenistan signed a Decree. According to the document, a State Commission was established for the organized grain harvest in 2022 to carry out a high-level fast and lossless harvesting of the grown crop, ensure its uninterrupted transportation to warehouses and elevators, timely settlements with grain producers and its composition was approved.

The document also prescribes:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, having organized proper maintenance of combine harvesters at the local level, to ensure their productive and uninterrupted operation during the harvesting period;

The Agency of Transport and Communications under the Cabinet of Ministers, on the basis of a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, to ensure timely and lossless transportation of the harvested wheat crop from the fields to reception points, warehouses and elevators, as well as uninterrupted and efficient operation of vehicles.

According to the document, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection is allowed to use vehicles of other ministries and industry departments, as well as privately owned vehicles, on a contractual basis, while transporting wheat to reception points, warehouses and elevators.