Ï For trouble-free processing

For trouble-free processing

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For trouble-free processing

The uninterrupted processing of the new crop and the high quality of the products should be ensured by the annual preparatory work currently carried out at the cotton ginning enterprises of the Daşoguzpagta Production Association. In the course of them, if necessary, preventive maintenance of technological equipment and various premises of production workshops, raw materials warehouses, loading and unloading areas is carried out. In complex measures, special attention is paid to maintaining the proper ecological state of the adjacent territory, the degree of provision of production shops with dedusting plants, which allow preventing air and raw material pollution with soil and mineral dust. Measures are being taken to maintain in proper condition and ensure high productivity of specialized equipment and mechanization for the transport of cotton and finished products; ensuring a high yield of cotton fiber, and consequently a lower level of waste, production of products with an acceptable cost and competitive quality characteristics, storage of raw cotton in conditions that fully preserve the natural properties of cotton fiber and the quality of cotton seeds.

Dashoguz velayat is one of the largest domestic producers of raw cotton, where several large textile industries are located, including exporting their products to the world market. Therefore, here in the processes of cotton cultivation, its harvesting and processing, it is especially important to use the most modern efficient technologies that ensure the high quality of the products produced. In the system of the Production Association "Daşoguzpagta" there are 9 ginneries, including a new super-modern specialized enterprise for processing seed cotton with a capacity of 40 thousand tons of products per year and a cotton receiving terminal for the simultaneous storage of 10 thousand tons of raw cotton in the Kunyaurgench etrap. The skillful use of modern technology, the consistent introduction of the most rational forms of labor organization, allows the teams of cotton processors to cope with the tasks assigned to them and contribute to the sustainable development of the textile industry country, strengthening its export potential.