The second round of the Super League of Turkmenistan-2022 Futsal has ended

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The second round of the Super League of Turkmenistan-2022 Futsal has ended
FC Gumrukchi

Matches of the final round of the second round of the Futsal Super League of Turkmenistan were held at the sports complex of the Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries.

The 14th round did not bring unexpected results. Heading the standings “Denizchi” and “Kopetdag” again turned out to be stronger than their rivals. The team of the International Sea Port of Turkmenbashy won against “Ahal” - 4:1, and the futsal club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan convincingly outplayed the TCOR - 7:3.

The futsal players of “Gumrukchi” of the State Customs Service, pursuing the leaders, beat “Milli Goshun” - 3:1.

In one more match “Turkmensenagatbank” won over “Dashoguz” - 7:1.

This victory allowed the futsal players of “Turkmensenagatbank” to re-engage in the struggle for a place in the top three. After the second round, “Turkmensenagatbank” has 24 points - 3 points less than the third-placed “Gumrukchi”.

The leadership is still shared by the vice-champion “Kopetdag” and the current two-time champion of Turkmenistan “Denizchi”, which have 36 points each.

The debutant of the Super League of Turkmenistan-2022 “Dashoguz” holds a place in the top five, ahead of the team of TCOR by 2 points.

“Milli Goshun” and “Ahal” close the standings with 7 and 6 points respectively.

Gurbangeldi Sahedov (“Kopetdag”) is leading in the scorers dispute with 21 goals. Hamyd Menglibayev (“Dashoguz”) conceded three goals to him.

After the matches of the 14th round in the Futsal Super League, there was a break caused by the preparation of the Turkmenistan national team for the final tournament of the 17th Futsal Asian Cup, which will be held from September 27 to October 8, 2022 in Kuwait. At the first stage of the continental championship, Turkmen futsal players will play in Group B with the teams of Uzbekistan, Bahrain and Tajikistan.

The Super League of Turkmenistan-2022 will resume in October with the matches of the 3rd round.