The ancient legend of archa will come to life on the stage of the Mary State Theater

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The ancient legend of archa will come to life on the stage of the Mary State Theater

For the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan, the Mary State Drama Theater named after Kemine prepared the premiere of the play "Garaşaryn saňa men".

The new theatrical production was created based on the literary work of the Hero-Arkadag "The Spiritual World of Turkmens".

The plot of one of the parables given in the book was adapted by Kakabay Zamanov for the theatrical stage. The production was directed by Gurbanberdy Hallov. The dramatic production touches on the themes of love and fidelity, honor and duty, and also talks about family values.

In a picturesque village located in the gorges of the Kopetdag, there lived a girl named Servi. She lost her mother early and was raised by her father. The girl's family was poor, and the household was limited to a couple of sheep, which Servi walked in the pasture.

Once, when the beauty was picking flowers in the field, the young man Malik fell in love with her. A guy from a wealthy family asked his father to marry him to Servi. However, the formidable ancestor ordered his son to find a bride equal to their position. Soon, Malik's father, thinking of separating the lovers, sent his son to study in distant lands.

But even years later, Servi continued to believe that Malik would return and the hearts in love would be reunited. Every day she climbed to the highest peak of the Kopetdag, from where, peering into the distance, she was waiting for her lover. Until one day it turned into archa.

As the legend says, if you look closely at the evergreen coniferous tree, you can see the girl Servi with a handkerchief in her hand.

The premiere of the theatrical production of the Mary State Theater will take place in the near future. The main roles in the performance will be played by Hommat Hommadov (Malik) and Yazdursun Rakhmanova (Servi).