The head of the state took part in the events on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan

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The head of the state took part in the events on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan

Today, Turkmen nationals mark the 31st anniversary of sacred independence of the fatherland in the atmosphere of nationwide inspiration in the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the powerful state, which confidently goes ahead towards heights of progress and prosperity.

…according to the established tradition, main events in honour of the glorious date of the national calendar took place on the square in front of the State tribune, which welcomed numerous guests in festive dress.

The staffs of military and law enforcement bodies with honour continue glorious traditions of great Turkmen sons in serving their fatherland and worthily respond for the constant care of the Government demonstrating the mastery skill of the latest equipment and weapons, a high level of theoretical and combat training. Defenders of the fatherland follow defensive goals of the Military doctrine at fulfilment of their duties.

…the commander of the military parade R.Ayazov reports the minister of defence, secretary of the State Security Council B.Gundogdyev on readiness of the staffs of the Armed Forces of Türkmenistan for the start of the parade.

Having accepted the report, minister of defence, secretary of the State Security Council drives around the army, greeting troops taking part in the parade, which include servicemen and cadets of specialized higher educational institutions and schools, soldiers and officers of the national army.

The national hymn of Turkmenistan sounds. By the flagpole the national flag of Turkmenistan rises.

The sacred green banner of the native fatherland is a symbol of pride and patriotism for all generations inspiring Turkmen nationals into great deeds, labour achievements, and summiting of new heights of progress in all spheres. For thirty-one years, our country under the national flag makes a new history and confidently goes on the path of prosperity reaching new heights and gaining recognition in the world as the state with its unique model of independent development and legal status of neutrality…

Lined on the square officers and cadets deliver a sacred oath to loyalty of the fatherland, people, and the President. Servicemen of the national army not only defend sacredly glorious traditions passed from generation to generation but also confirm their loyalty to wise sayings of ancestors in action.

The parade of modern military equipment delivered in recent years for all security forces, displays a high level of combat training of the Turkmen state, readiness to counteract challenges and threats of the time. The advanced technologies are efficiently used in daily activities of military and law enforcement bodies that help officers and soldiers successfully fulfil responsible tasks set before them.

In the present epoch the image of the military naval forces, which defend the borders of the fatherland on the Caspian Sea and ensure security of the country, peace and tranquillity of Turkmen people, significantly have grown.

The festive procession of the flotilla, which takes place simultaneously in the water basin of the Caspian Sea, also speaks of the fact.

Further, the festive parade continues with the display of air forces. In ensuring security of the fatherland, a great role belongs to the military air forces of the country. At the wheels of modern aircrafts displayed today are Turkmen pilots displaying a great skill of mastery and well-trained drills of operation of latest aircrafts.

In the air over the square appear military transport aircrafts of «MI-17В-5», designed to support the land troops from the air, transportation of cargoes and military equipment.

Following them in the air appear helicopters «Mi-24», which are used with view of increase of firepower and mobility of units and divisions of land troops. They are provided with high precision weapons for destruction of land and air targets.

The festive parade on the central square continues with the procession of the separate battalion of guard of honour of the Ministry of Defence. Soldiers of the given unit demonstrated their faultless training and high mastery in fulfilment of manual of arms evolutions. On the square, there appear contours of the Monument of independence and the figure «XXXI», symbolizing the regular significant date of sovereignty of our fatherland.

Then, two horsemen take out a gracious light dun Ahalteke horse dressed with a wonderful jewelled caparison underling the unique exterior of the racing horse, its light gallop and truly heavenly beauty.

Wonderful horse named Dovamat – offspring of famous horses Berkararlyk and Gulnahal by the family tree of Peren. The representative of the elite head of the legendry Ahalteke breed is given as gift to the head of the state on behalf of his companion-in-arms on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan and as a token of sincere gratitude of the care of wellbeing and happiness of Turkmen people, further prosperity of the fatherland.

After them horsemen, sitting on horseback proudly come out to characterize images of Oguz khan, Gorkut ata, Gorogly and Magtymguly.

The beautiful equestrian ceremony prepared by Türkmenatlary State Association became a wonderful gift to the main holiday of the country.

The unique equestrian parade is replaced with a dramatized musical and literary show under the title «OGUZ HANYŇ DÖWLETLILIK BAÝDAGY – ARKADAGLY SERDARYMYZYŇ PAÝHASY!».

Further, in front of the tribune an autonomous drive platform of the khyakimlik of Ashgabat city decorated with architectural symbols of the central city and accompanied with hundreds of workers passed. It should be mentioned that many of sights of the Turkmen capital, which have become visiting cards of modern Turkmenistan, in different years, were included in the Guinness’s Records Book.

Further, the parade continued with columns representing five regions of the country. On the photo panels placed on the autonomous drive platforms of the khyakimlik of Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary regions one could see famous historical and architectural monuments of past and modernity, great achievements and sights of regions, each of which makes a weighty contribution to the progressive socio-economic development of their beloved fatherland.

Representatives of the elderly and growing generations greet the President of the country and numerous guests of the holiday from cars.

The festive atmosphere of the parade added great joy by inspiring music and balloons of different colours rising in the air.

Before the tribune replacing one another, there moved car platforms with colourful thematic decorations displaying achievements and successes of various sectors of national economy of the country.

On the main square representatives of all sectors of the national economy which have brought their worthy labour gifts to the regular anniversary of independence of the fatherland pass. Among them are distinguished workers of production, famous masters and leading specialists as well as young personnel that are replacing them.

The festive solemnity accompanied with stories of achievements and successes of each of sectors, dynamic development of each of them became a bright reflection of the creative spirit of the new historical epoch, are narrated through loudspeakers.

Workers of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture pass on the square. Their car platform decorated with high-rise residential buildings, models of powerful construction machinery and crane drives in front of the tribune.

The car platform of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy comes out on the square accompanied with numerous columns of sportsmen. Among them are masters of various ports, winners and prize holders of national and international competitions, their skilled trainers and coaches in sports clothes. Today at their disposal are wonderful sports complexes and multifunctional stadiums, hundreds of sports schools, in which the number of trainees grows with every passing year.

Then, workers of the health care, who devote their lives to the protection of health of people, come out onto the square. The all-round care of public health, its happiness and wellbeing is a pillar of the socially oriented policy of the state and super modern clinics and centres, which have been built in recent years and ensure the high quality healthcare services, can serve the best example for it.

Then, the representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, State Raw Materials and Commodity Exchange, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, activities of which facilitate promotion of products with the label "Made in Turkmenistan”, come to the forefront.

Then, guests of the holiday are greeted by workers of the fuel and energy complex, a basic sector of national economy.

Replacing one another, on the square pass car platforms prepared by «Türkmenawtoulaglary», «Türk­­men­­deňiz­derýa­ýollary», «Türk­mendemir­ýollary», «Türkmen­howaýollary» agencies.

The song and musical composition under the title «GÜLLER AÇÝAN WATANYMYZDA SARPALYDYR SUNGATYMYZ!» added more colours and joy to the holiday. The song performed by famous actors of the variety show glorifies the fame of the fatherland, President and people. Popular dance groups join high sounds of melodies.

Representatives of many thousands of creative workshops of the country, masters of art and culture join the festive parade.

The state attaches special attention to this most important sphere creating wonderful conditions and opportunities for workers of art and culture, modernization of material and technical basis, development and improvement of activity of mass media, television and radio broadcasting, theatres, museums and libraries.

Thus, the solemn parade of thousands of workers, students and children visually displayed that they have come to the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan with amazing achievements and great successes, which make up a basis for future progress and new labour achievements.

The holiday, which started in the heart of the country, continued in all its regions.

The nationwide toy covered the entire Turkmen land!

And the solemnity was over with grandiose fireworks, which is an inseparable part of holidays of the new historical epoch, over the evening sky of white marble coated Ashgabat with myriads of bright fires in honour of independence of Turkmenistan.