Concert-dedication to the legendary band The Beatles

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Concert-dedication to the legendary band The Beatles
Alexey Gimalitdinov

On January 16, all progressive mankind celebrates the World Day of The Beatles. To this day, concerts are held around the world with the performance of songs from the repertoire of the phenomenal British four.

A concert entitled «All you need is the Beatles» was held at the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan with the participation of Turkmen vocalists Eldar Muzafarov, Dovran and Mahri Shammiyevs, Asi Kostanyan and Masha Unsal.

The performances of the singers were supported by musicians - Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Vladimir Mkrtumov (piano), Igor Shevtsov (bass guitar), Stanislav Terehin (guitar), Aram Bazikyan (drums).

Despite the frosty weather, which is unusual for Ashgabat residents, those wishing to enjoy the creative heritage of the Beatles completely filled the hall of the Mukams Palace. The concert-dedication opened with a song, the name of which was taken from the name of the concert program – «All you need is the Beatles». It was performed by all vocalists.

–Once in England I happened to be at a disco, –Eldar Muzafarov told a story from his life, –Suddenly the dance music broke off and the Beatles song began to sound. To my surprise, instead of outrage, everyone sang this song.

Almost every song Vladimir Mkrtumov gave a commentary, concurrently playing the role of the host of the concert.

«This song does not need to be announced by its name», said Dovran Shammiyev.

Dovran began to sing, and from the very first phrase, the hall burst into applause. Of course, this was the famous song «Yesterday!»

At the end of the concert program, the audience began to sing along with the soloists, the musicians even had to muffle the music, which was better heard by the audience. The dedication concert at the Mukams Palace showed that the phenomenal Beatles are loved in Turkmenistan as well as all over the world.