Futsal clubs of Turkmenistan entered the fight for the main trophy of the year

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Futsal clubs of Turkmenistan entered the fight for the main trophy of the year

The main national futsal tournament of 2023, the Super League of the country, has started in Turkmenistan.

Eight futsal clubs are fighting for the title of champion of Turkmenistan. Five of them - «Kopetdag», «Gumrukchi», «Senagatbank», «Migration» and «Milli Goshun» - represent Ashgabat, two - «Denizchi» and TCOR from Turkmenbashi - Balkan velayat and «Turan» - Dashoguz velayat. It is noteworthy that the northern region of the country is represented in the Futsal Super League for the second year in a row. Last year, the team of this velayat played under the name «Dashoguz», and this season it changed its sign to «Turan».

According to the rules of the tournament, its participants will play each other in three rounds, determining the winner in November. The games will be held in Dashoguz, Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi and Mary.

The first three rounds are held in Dashoguz - in the sports hall of the «Garashsyzlyk» stadium.

Futsal players «Turan» and «Denizchi» opened the championship. The team of the northern region of the country lost two strong players this season - pupils of the sports school №5 of the city of Dashoguz, 20-year-old defender Jasurbek Annamyradov and 21-year-old second scorer of last year's Superleague Hamid Menglibayev, who strengthened the squad of «Denizchi», which is going to debut in the AFC Futsal Club Championship this year as the champions of Turkmenistan.

The first goal of the Superleague-2023 was scored already in the 30th second of the meeting between «Denizchi» and «Turan». Its author was Alisher Hudaybergenov, a 27-year-old attacking player, a graduate of the sports school № 5 of the city of Dashoguz, who has been playing for the «Denizchi» team for the 4th season. After a corner kick on the left flank, he closed the cross at the far post, sending the ball into an empty net.

In the middle of the first half, the hosts of the site played out, after which Didar Hayydov equalized the score with a biting blow - 1:1. Before the break, Maksat Murjikov led «Denizchi» ahead - 2:1. This result lasted until the middle of the second half. However, then the class of current champions of the country affected, in which Kirill Charyyev and Kadyr Berenov distinguished themselves. Having won with a score of 4:1, the team of the International Sea Port of Turkmenbashy scored the first 3 points.

Futsal players from «Kopetdag» and «Migration» followed on the pitch. This year there was a change of coach in the composition of the vice-champion. «Kopetdag» was headed by Maksat Myradov as a playing head coach. On the coaching bridge, he replaced Ahmed Kervenov, under whose leadership the team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan won silver medals for two years in a row. Before the start of the season, «Kopetdag» also strengthened with attacking player Nepes Lalakov from «Gumrukchi».

The first half passed with a noticeable advantage of the vice-champion of the country, who by the break, thanks to the goals of the top scorer of the Super League-2022 Gurbanguly Sahedov and Mulkaman Annagulyyev (from the penalty spot), won - 2:0. In the second half, events became unpredictable. First, Abdul Gurbansahedov won back one ball from the penalty spot, and 3 minutes before the end of the meeting, Migration evened the situation at all - 2:2. The fate of the meeting was decided at the last minute, when Allamyrat Gurbanov's kick reached the goal, and «Kopetdag» snatched a difficult victory - 3:2.

In other matches of the first round, «Senagatbank» beat «Milli goshun» - 4:1, and «Gumrukchi» with the same score took over TCOR.

In the second round, the focus was on the head-to-head match between the main contenders for victory in the Super League - «Denizchi» and «Kopetdag». The match of worthy opponents was held in an equal fight. In the middle of the first half, the vice-champions played a combination against the wall, and Kerven Annaorazov powerfully and accurately hit the touch. This is the only goal in the game for «Kopetdag» in the end turned out to be victorious.

Senagatbank and Gumrukchi also won the second victory in the Super League. «Senagatbank» beat «Migration» - 3:1, and «Gumrukchi» defeated «Milli goshun» - 7:1.

Thus, after two rounds, «Gumrukchi», «Senagatbank» and «Kopetdag» took the lead with 6 points. 3 points has «Denizchi». «Turan» and TCOR scored 1 point each, having played in the second round in a draw between themselves - 1:1. Close the standings «Migration» and «Milli goshun», which have no points yet.