Ï Next issue of Arkadagly Ýaşlar Magazine released

Next issue of Arkadagly Ýaşlar Magazine released

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Next issue of Arkadagly Ýaşlar Magazine released

At the junction of spring and summer, readers have got an opportunity to read the fifth issue of Arkadagly Ýaşlar Magazine, interesting articles and works of art. The next issue of the electronic edition founded by Magtymguly Youth Organisation of Turkmenistan is available on the website turkmenmetbugat.gov.tm.

The first article in the next issue pleases the continuously growing readership of the magazine with good news. The official website of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan has been created. Though it started working quite recently, the site, created on the initiative of our Hero Arkadag, has found its readers.

The article in the English language on the first pages of the magazine tells readers about the state support for youth in our country. Another impressive article is dedicated to the Day of Constitution and State Flag of Turkmenistan. The article “Adam edebinden tanalar, ýurt – Tugundan” is also dedicated to this holiday.

Another article is about the school holiday “Last Bell”, celebrated on May 25, that coincides with the Day of Ashgabat. It is titled “Bilime söýginiň şäherinde bilimler baýramy”. In his article, the Editor-in-Chief highlighted the compatibility of the two holidays.

In May, the results of two art contests announced by Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan together with Nesil Newspaper were announced. The winners received certificates of honour and memorable gifts during the celebrations, which took place in Gyzylarbat and Magtymguly regions of Balkan velayat. Another article tells readers about the Berkarar döwletiň täze eýýamynyň bagtyýar gerçekleri contest, organised by the Magtymguly Youth Organization jointly with the Ministry of Education, and its results.

Readers will enjoy the interesting lines in the article “Dialog – parahatçylygyň kepili: özara düşünişmegiň täze filosofiýasy”. Another impressive article is about the hygiene rules during the summer holiday season.

The article about the important stages of Turkmen-Russian relations was published in the Russian language. The idea of the article “Şäher ekologiýasy: sazlaşykly ösüş we innovasion täzeçillik” is of particular importance for youth. The article “Ashgabat – the city of eternal spring”, published in the Russian language along with the poem, is fascinating.

One of innovations of this issue is the emphasis on scientific articles. One of them highlights sport as an ambassador for peace, and the other provides information about an innovative project – water reuse.

The English-language article puts forward the scientific ideas of young people about the development of Turkmenistan’s chemical industry.

Following the tradition, the magazine publishes a series of articles about scientific research and its results.

The creative team devoted their articles to the Turkmen Carpet Day, celebrated on the last Sunday of May. The article “Magtymgulynyň edebi mirasy” is dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of the great poet.

Another interesting article in the Russian language provides impressive information about the Turkmen commander Abdyrahman Khan Khanan.

The magazine invites readers to read the extensive article “Aşgabat! Ashgabat! Ashgabatdyr ol!” In this issue that does not leave readers indifferent, from the first lines to the last point, they also share interesting information in the Russian language about young people. This fascinating article is followed by the article “Ýaşlyk ömrüň baharydyr” that gives a lot of new ideas. If you have a specific goal, the magazine also recommends you 10 steps to achieve it.

The methods of cooking some dishes from the book “Bereketli türkmen saçagy” will be of interest to girls and housewives.

As reported on the last pages of the issue, a senior researcher at the State Museum of the State Centre of Culture of Turkmenistan Gyulalek Mamiyeva is the author of the most authoritative article of the fourth issue of the magazine.

The issue, rich in illustrations and beautifully designed, concludes with a poem and a photo collage about our snow-white Ashgabat.