Ï Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on conferring the title «Hormatly il ýaşulusy» of Turkmenistan

Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on conferring the title «Hormatly il ýaşulusy» of Turkmenistan

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Every day of our beloved fatherland, which achieves encouraging results in all areas and marks the 32nd anniversary of independence properly, is marked with great victories and glorious events. Our beloved land, which has become the land of unity, inspiration and well-being, earned a high international authority thanks to outstanding achievements in the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State and friendly neutral foreign policy based on principles of friendship, brotherhood and peace.

The merit of the older generation is invaluable in successes of our sovereign state and strengthening of unity and coherence of our native people and education of the youth according to national traditions of our ancestors. Our wise elders actively participate in discussion and solution of important issues of state importance aimed at maintenance of interests of people and the country and in large-scale transformations carried out in our fatherland. All of important initiatives are realised with their blessing. Our honoured elders also carry out a great deal of work to explain the home and foreign policy of our independent neutral fatherland among population.

Therefore, the state always highly appreciates the role of the older generation in developing and ever improving society, its merits in education of the youth in the spirit of patriotism, diligence, conscientiousness, morals and humanism.

Considering a big contribution to consolidation of independence of Turkmenistan, augmentation of national traditions and customs, strengthening of unity and coherence of our native people, education of the younger generation and for an exemplary life experience as well as in commemoration of the glorious 32nd anniversary of great independence of neutral Turkmenistan I decree:

To confer the title «Hormatly il ýaşulusy» of Turkmenistan on the following citizens below:

Deputy-Chairman of the Central Council of the Agrarian Party of Turkmenistan Akmammedov Akmammet Orazmyradovich;

Editor of the department of the newspaper «Biznes reklama» of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan Arazgulyev Gurbannazar;

Leading engineer of the economic society «Altyn nesil» Tashliev Kakajan;

Resident of Gokdepe city of Gokdepe etrap of Akhal velayat, pensioner Orazov Mukhammetmyrat;

Resident of Rysgally village of Sarah etrap of Akhal velayat, pensioner Akyev Baygeldi;

Resident of Kaka city of Kaka etrap of Akhal velayat, pensioner Gulyev Ishanguly;

Main imam of the religious organisation «Annamyrat Ahun» of Gyzylarbat etrap of Balkan velayat Annanepesov Orazmyrat;

Security guard of the economic association «Yhlas ýoly» of Mahtumkuli etrap of Balkan velayat Rejepov Niyazmuhammet;

Resident of Gumdag settlement of Balkanabat city of Balkan velayat, pensioner Orazov Annapolat;

Resident of Hellen village of Bossan gengeshlik of Shavat etrap of Dashoguz velayat, pensioner Yollyev Reymbay;

Tenant farmer of peasant association of «Sazakly» of Akdepe etrap of Dashoguz velayat Ballyev Gutly;

Resident of Dashoguz city of Dashoguz velayat, pensioner Arazmyradov Yazmyrat;

Resident of Turkmenabat city of Lebap velayat, pensioner Azymov Mamatkuly;

Resident of Alpan village of Merye gengeshlik of Sayat etrap of Lebap velayat, pensioner Agalyev Hemraguly;

Resident of Mekan village of Mekan gengeshlik of Khojambaz etrap of Lebap velayat, pensioner Shalyev Bazarkul;

Resident of Arkadag village of Agzybir gengeshlik of Sakarchage etrap of Mary velayat, pensioner Charyev Allaberdi;

Resident of Murgap city of Murgap etrap of Mary velayat, pensioner Ashyrov Geldimyrat Myradovich;

Resident of Yoloten city of Yoloten etrap of Mary velayat, pensioner Jumamyradov Jumanazar Sapbyevich.

President of Turkmenistan

Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

September 24, 2023, Ashgabat