Ï The Turkmen Agricultural Institute will hold a hackathon for students

The Turkmen Agricultural Institute will hold a hackathon for students

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The Turkmen Agricultural Institute will hold a hackathon for students

The Turkmen Agricultural Institute organizes an intellectual hackathon contest with the participation of students of higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan.

The hackathon called "AgriHack", dedicated to the development of an electronic market for agricultural products, will be held on September 30. Student teams consisting of 3-4 people are invited from each university of the country to participate in the competition.

The task of the contestants is to prepare and present to the judging panel a software development corresponding to the topic, its client and server parts, to justify the effectiveness and criteria for the successful functioning of an innovative project. The time allotted for the task is from 3 to 8 hours.

Based on the hackathon, it is planned to conduct an objective assessment of students' digital skills, practical software development skills, ability to use programming languages to perform tasks, as well as to determine the ability to organize and manage digital systems, to navigate freely in the modern digital environment.

Student developments will be evaluated according to the following criteria: scientific approach, possibility of practical implementation, full functionality, relevance, design, ergonomics, novelty and creativity of the embedded ideas.

According to the results of the hackathon, the jury will announce one winner, the best participants will also be awarded two second and three third prizes. The winners and prize-winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas of appropriate degrees and valuable gifts.

In addition, the projects prepared and proposed within the framework of the competition will be considered by the organizers for their further implementation and launch into production.

Note that by definition, a hackathon is a competition between teams in the IT field, in which participants create a prototype of a mobile application, web service or other product for a while to solve a specific task set by the customer.

The hackathon is aimed at stimulating and developing the scientific activities of young people and young scientists in the innovation field, improving their abilities in mastering techniques and solving problems in technical and technological fields, improving the professional skills of students.

According to the organizers, holding such events in the youth environment contributes to improving the quality and level of professional training of students, revealing the creative abilities of students in competitive conditions of competition, identifying the most talented participants and, of course, fostering love, hard work, responsible and conscientious attitude to the chosen profession.