Ï Days of Culture of the Turkish Republic started in Ashgabat

Days of Culture of the Turkish Republic started in Ashgabat

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Days of Culture of the Turkish Republic started in Ashgabat
Khasan Magadov

The opening ceremony of the Days took place in the capital today culture of the Turkish Republic in Turkmenistan. Initiated heads of two friendly countries, this large-scale creative event is intended to become a new important contribution to the development of the Turkmen-Turkish interstate dialogue.

Implementing the state policy of global progressive transformations, independent neutral Turkmenistan successfully uses the possibilities of cultural diplomacy, which, in its turn bears fruit, serves to expand multidimensional connections with countries of the region and the world. A striking example of this are extensive Turkmen-Turkish exchanges in the humanitarian field. Turkmenistan and Turkey have held cross Culture Days more than once. Turkish scientists, masters of art, representatives of creative intellectuals participate in events held in our country international forums.

The history of Turkmen-Turkish relations goes back to centuries ago. Commonality of culture, traditions, spiritual values is an important factor contributing to the rapprochement of fraternal peoples, strengthening their mutual understanding.

And today, cultural and artistic figures of the two countries are again found on Turkmen soil. To carry out the current campaign it participants are provided with the best concert halls, theater stages, exhibition areas.

Opening ceremony of Turkish Culture Days Republic took place at the Museum of Fine Arts Turkmenistan named after the Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, where leaders and representatives of the cultural sphere of the two countries gathered, diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, funds mass media, creative intelligentsia, teachers and students of creative universities and secondary specialized educational institutions capital Cities.

Those present expressed gratitude to the heads of the two friendly countries for the opportunity to organize a creative forum. They were are unanimous in the opinion that this action will contribute to further mutual enrichment of the cultures of the Turkmen and Turkish peoples, development of professional contacts among representatives of creative intelligentsia of the two countries.

The museum hosted an exhibition of works by masters who work with paper marbling technique – Ebru – one of names of marbled paper. Marbling is a decoration method paper, when using which paints floating on surface of the soil (jelly-like solution), transferred to the sheet paper.

The technique of marbling or Ebru was known back in the 8th century and widely used in Japan, China, Persia, and then in Turkey. In for many years, the art of marbling remained secret, transmitted directly from teacher to student. In the 19th century The marbling method has become widely known throughout the world. Many Typographers began to use this technique to decorate books: covers and endpapers.

A presentation of Turkish national dishes also took place here. Turkish cuisine, developing over the centuries, takes its origins in the culinary traditions of nomadic Turkic tribes and consists of mainly from plants, olive and flour products (pide, ekmek, simit, lahmajun, etc.), soups (chorbalar), cereals, various vegetables and meat dishes (kebab, kofte, etc.). Then very nutritious national sauces such as pekmez (syrup from thickened grape juice), various creams from syuzme yogurt (khaydari, khavuch, djadzhik), wheat cereal. A special place in Turkey occupied by sweet and confectionery dishes. This is baklava, tulumba, pishmanie, lokum, revani, halva, majun, lokma and many others.

In the evening, at the Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Center Turkmenistan hosted a joint concert of art masters Republic of Turkey and Turkmenistan. His program was compiled folk music and dances, works from the world treasury, Turkmen and Turkish musical classics.

Pop and folk songs sounded under the arches of the magnificent hall.

The State Ensemble greeted the hall with loud applause folk music of Istanbul and such famous performers as Enver Meralli, Fulya Arat, Sehir Celik, Hamdiye Efeoglu.

The concert was also decorated with incendiary dance compositions. Ankara State Contemporary Dance Ensemble, performed folk dances.

The program of the Days is very diverse and allows you to create an idea of the achievements and development trends of Turkish culture and art.

Tomorrow, at the State Musical and Drama Theater named after Seyitnazar Seidi Lebap velayat will host a concert of master’s culture and arts of the Turkish Republic.

Exhibition of works of applied and marbling art in The Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan will last 3 days. In expositions - works of artists and folk craftsmen industries of the Turkish Republic. Applied arts of Turkey since ancient times it has been famous for its diversity, decorative painting, carpet weaving, artistic ceramics, leather goods, metal - utensils, weapons.

Attention of many fans arts and crafts attracted filigree crafts made of tin, bone, wood, painted glassware, ceramics, inlaid boxes and canes, embroidery, etc. Similar exhibitions arouse keen interest of visitors because they serve mutual enrichment of cultures.

A special entertainment program for children has been prepared in Cultural center of the Embassy of the Turkish Republic. Traditional Turkish shadow theater "Garagöz", which is more than 500 years old, will show performance "Garagöz-Hajywat". In the exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts Turkmenistan will present Turkish fabrics. There will also be a show of national and stylized clothing. The fashion show will feature clothing samples, developed by modern fashion designers in the national style. How It is known that future fashion is born from the past. Today designers draw their inspiration from folk costume, which is the source of their creativity.

Using the historical and cultural experience of folk traditions, they revive the identity and unique beauty of national costumes, and, enriching them with new elements, create highly artistic exhibition samples and modern models in ethnic style.

Film screenings will be held in the Ashgabat cinema and concert hall, created by Turkish directors. Among them is artistic the film "Ýyldyz Tozu" and the cartoon "Göbeklitepe".

An extensive cultural program has been prepared for Turkish guests, including acquaintance with architectural and historical sights of Ashgabat, its unique exhibits museums, etc.

In general, the events held within the framework of the Turkish Culture Days and introduced the people of Turkmenistan to a rich palette of art friendly country, once again demonstrated the closeness of our peoples, the strength of historical and spiritual ties, strengthening mutual understanding.