Ï Holiday trade organized in Turkmenistan

Holiday trade organized in Turkmenistan

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Holiday trade organized in Turkmenistan
Aleksey Gimalitdinov

Since 5th of December , festive trade has been organized in Ashgabat, the city of Arkadag and in all velayat of the country, dedicated to the International Day of Neutrality and the New Year.

At the working meeting held the day before President Serdar Berdimuhamedov ordered to ensure a high organizational level of the upcoming celebrations and abundance goods in mobile retail outlets. The head of state emphasized that our citizens should have a variety of products on their holiday tables.

Serving a rich dastarhan with a variety of treats is one of the good traditions of our people. On holidays, every Turkmen family prepares national cuisine and receives dear guests to celebrate special occasions together.

For the convenience of citizens, mobile retail outlets are opened not only near central markets, but are also located within walking distance from residential areas, offering a wide range of food products from leading domestic producers.

The retail shelves feature cereals and flour products, confectionery products, natural juices and carbonated drinks, gift sets, seasonal fruits and vegetables. In addition, here you can buy artificial trees, Christmas tree decorations, souvenirs, carnival items, toys and calendars.

Pre-holiday trade is taking place in large shopping centers, where you can already feel the fabulous atmosphere and enjoy buying original gifts. In particular, the central markets of the capital offer a wide selection of meat and fish products, cheeses, canned food and factory-made pickles, sausages and other uncooked smoked delicacies.

Thanks to the variety of products sold, setting a festive table will not be difficult.