Ï New water treatment plant opened in Ahal velayat

New water treatment plant opened in Ahal velayat

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New water treatment plant opened in Ahal velayat

A modern sewage treatment facility was put into operation in the territory of Geokdepe etrap of the Ahal velayat. The high-tech equipment of the new generation has the capacity to treat 20,000 cubic meters of sewage water per day.

The construction project was implemented by the private enterprise "Sport ýyldyzy". According to the specialists of the enterprise, this facility, by treating drainage and collector waters, plays a significant role in increasing the volume of water resources used for crop rotation.

The total area occupied by the facility is 4.2 hectares. High-performance equipment was installed here, ensuring a complete cycle of step-by-step processing of wastewater. The production is equipped with a complex of pumping stations, filtration equipment, units, aggregates and world-class measuring devices. The treated water can be discharged into reservoirs and collectors without harming the environment and can be used for domestic purposes.

Thus, the comprehensive multi-stage purification technology represents an advanced modern zero-waste production. The released purified and disinfected water can be used for irrigation, while the dewatered sludge can be used as a soil-plant layer or fertilizer.

The opening ceremony of the facility was attended by members of the Mejlis, heads of the khakimlik of the Ahal velayat and representatives of public organizations. The event was accompanied by performances of creative groups from the country. The builders who distinguished themselves were presented with valuable gifts on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan.