Ï Cotton planting is in full swing in Lebap velayat

Cotton planting is in full swing in Lebap velayat

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Cotton planting is in full swing in Lebap velayat

In this agricultural year, it is planned to sow cotton on 130 thousand hectares of land in Lebap velayat.

By the present moment, high-quality planting has been carried out on almost 80 percent of the total cotton cultivation area in the velayat. This is the result of uninterrupted work of high-performance foreign equipment.

The fact that a significant part of the equipment during the cotton planting period is controlled through a digital system indicates that the latest achievements in science and technology in the agricultural sector are actively being implemented in production.

During the sowing season, the effective use of precision seed drills controlled by the digital system "Monosem", as well as about 400 modern types of seed drills, will ensure the implementation of sowing work in accordance with agrotechnical rules within the established deadlines.

In addition, the preparation of  sufficient quantity of high-quality cotton seeds for sowing provides conditions for uninterrupted work.

Currently, high-yielding varieties of cotton such as "Yoloten-39", "Yoloten-7", S-2606, suitable for the soil and weather conditions of the region, have been planted in the fields.

It is worth noting that farmers from the Halach, Sayat, Kerki, Danev and Charjev etraps achieve the greatest success in seasonal work.